Winter 2009: Viper’s Creed and Hetalia Axis Powers


It’s amusing how Viper’s Creed and Rideback started airing in the same season.  VC is like the adult version of Rideback + bitchy desk ladies – an awesome heroine like Rin.


Viper’s Creed follows an organization called AGS that protects the city from unmanned robots that are left over from a previous war.  The oceans have rose so there are tons of highways to connect places instead.  AGS uses human-manned robot motorcycles to battle the unmanned robots, and the story follows the lives of the Viper Squad and their desk operators that guide the Vipers. I have to admit when I saw “MegaSoma”, I got giddy and instantly thought of the tank episode from GitS: SAC.  GitS played off the drama in a better manner, but I think Viper’s Creed motive is just to keep you watching through crazy driving skills and big explosions.  I like the look of the VC robotcycles better than Rideback’s, mostly because it looks like an actual robot when it transforms.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve watched a catty trio like these women since Hana Yori Dango.  They’re straight up mean for no justifiable reason; they’re just jealous that Sakurako is part of the operator group even though she’s new.  It must burn even worse that their drivers hardly compare to Sakurako’s driver, Saiki.



Sakurako could use a little more backbone, but at least she’s smart.  Saiki’s a bit one-dimensional right now, but that may change with more developmental chances in later episodes.  Overall, I find Viper’s Creed to be enjoyable, but don’t expect to find a deep plot.


I’ll apologize in advance for these horribly blurry Hetalia screens; they’re ripped from the webcast.  Hetalia Axis Powers is based on the idea that different countries are represented by people who are literal incarnations of that country.  It’s a comedic series with only five minutes or so per episode.  For months, I’ve been hearing overenthusiastic yaoi fangirls/boys go on and on about the manga, and I didn’t expect to be as amused with the material as I was.


I wish the USA was that cheery about saving the day.  These days we’re more like “Let’s go bomb up the place and scoot all the consequences under the rug”.


Big lol at Japan and Switzerland.  Japan’s totally dere-dere for America, and it’s nice to know that Japan can poke fun at itself.


Rossiu?! Did you figure out time-traveling in Gurren-Lagann‘s universe as well?



Awww, I can relate with Russia’s sadism.  I would do the same thing to Tieria if I could.  Oh and Belarus is a total trap.  In a scary way, it reminds me of the twins from Black Lagoon.


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