Rideback: Episode 8


Not only is Kiefer dangerous…


…but he’s also fabulous.  Look at all those damn sparkles.  All I could think of when he and Rin were doing their little Rideback ballet was Ahiru and Fakir in Princess Tutu.  It’d be hilariously great to see Ridebacks imitating other forms of dance, like crunking.  I was worried that Kiefer might get killed off in this episode’s battle, because he’s like the deux-ex-machina of Rideback drivers.  Big Nose Okakura came close, but he’s a sturdy dude so he’ll be fine.  One thing that bugs me is that the BMA fighters don’t wear armor when they’re on a Rideback.  Seriously, what the fuck is the point of fighting people with rockets and guns if you’re wearing the equivilant of a T-shirt?


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