Gundam 00 Season 2: Episodes 20-22


Do I feel sorry for her?

No, not really.  Anew probably really cared for Lyle, but it was clear that Ribbons could make her his sock puppet at any moment.  Lyle would have to lock her in mental patient-ish room that’s on the Ptolemy to keep her out of trouble, and even then she’d probably attack someone the moment they open the door to give her food.  It’s also hard to feel for her when her relationship with Lyle culminated in, what, three episodes?  Too Romeo/Juliet-ish for my sympathy.

On the other side of things, Lyle is an uber pussy.  I mean, shit, you’re a master sniper.  Just shoot off all the limbs and the threat is gone.  I love how he beat the shit out of Setsuna even though he told Lyle in advance that he’d kill Anew if it came to it.  Did he think he was bluffing?  Silly boy, Setsuna doesn’t know how to joke.  Anyhow, I never thought I’d see the day when I liked Saji….yellow-bellied, skank ass Saji more than Lyle.  It was predictable that this season would be about Saji’s growth but I didn’t expect to like him in the process.  The only way for Lyle to redeem himself is to keep on jumping in to save Tieria like he did in Episode 22.  But I don’t think he knows that Tieria is an Innovator, and that’s bound to cause a mess of emo when that eventually comes out.


Have to admit Tieria’s “Guide me, Lockon~” line made my day.

I didn’t see Setsuna’s innovation transformation coming, really.  I figured that the rest of the episodes would be a countdown of his declining health since they said that he got messed up bad when Ribbons shot him.  Setsuna’s also becoming a more likeable person, but that’s probably because he’s freakin’ psychic.  Does this also mean that he’ll stop aging like Tieria?  I’m sure that would give the S/T shippers a heyday.  I actually kind of like the idea of him being with Feldt, and believe him when he says he and Marina aren’t like “that”.  Marina probably likes him, but I think Setsuna just respects and feels a Middle East camaraderie with her.  Besides, Setsuna’s had more action with Graham because of the GN particles.

You know who the Innovators are like?  Fucking Team Rocket.  Huge ass egos with nothing to back it up with because they’re always getting their asses kicked and blasting off in their little escape pods.  Glad to see that they’re slowly dwindling (although the Divine/Bring clones were a huge LOLWTF moment).  Good riddance to Wang Liu Mei and Nena, too.  I thought that Hong Long’s death would set Nena’s conscience back into gear since she should be able to relate with how it feels to lose a brother, but Nena’s just a bitch.  Now Louise is free to take over the entire batshit crazy ratio.


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