You Can Thank Noriko


Yeah, so I got back to school this week, and initially just felt like taking a few days off from blogging.  Unfortunately I’m one of those people who easily get settled in a state, and so I really didn’t have any motivation to start up again.  Then yesterday I finally got to watch the first Gunbuster OVAs, and it got me raring to go again.  I’ll do a seperate review on Gunbuster and Diebuster, but for now, let’s get caught up on some things, rough draft style:


Ouran Host Club 69:  Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve laughed out loud at an entire Ouran chapter.  Tamaki’s akward love reactions were in peak form, mostly because Haruhi is back to her oblivious attitude towards him.  The jabs between Tamaki and Hikaru are reaching a new level now that they’re both aware of their feelings, so it’s probably going to be a chapter or two of them duking it out for Haruhi’s affections.


Oh and enjoy Tamaki’s “DRR DRR DRR” impression.

Mirai Nikki Mosaic 4:  Muru Muru (Deus’ little helper) decides to narrate Minene’s adventure as she runs into Nishijima while escaping from the 3rd Diary holder.  Things slowly become more like a shoujo narrative and Minene turns all dere-dere as they work together.  Of course, in the end Minene shoots Nishijima in the chest, stating that she has no room for love after what she experienced in her childhood.  But it can be guessed that she knew he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and that she never intended to kill him.

No Bra 18-19:  So it’s revealed that Maa-kun is not really the Maa-kun that Yuki fell in love with back in kindergarten.  He was there, but Yuki fell for a super tomboy-ish looking Kaoru.  She changed her name when she moved so it’s understandable that Yuki would assume it was a boy named Masato that she met.  Still pretty dumb on Yuki’s part since the initial on her necklace says “K”.  Anyhow, for the sake of Yuki’s cuteness and the manga’s fanboys, Masato decides to keep the news a secret and proceeds to get closer to becoming a butt pirate.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 216: BLAR BLAR BLAR SHORT CONFUSING CHAPTER.  I think I’d rather CLAMP consolidate a couple chapters or release big chapters like they used to at the beginning of the series.  I can’t tell if the final page is supposed to be R! Syaoran & Sakura and their clones or a representation of their souls.  Whateves, give me more adventures of Doumeki and Watanuki.


Viper’s Creed: This ending plot is making me lol at its ridiculous logic.  I didn’t think that Haruki really died at first, but that’s because I’ve been watching too much Gundam/Sunrise shows.  Ageha is pretty adorable and she almost makes her horrid name cute.  Big wtf at Norma’s end though.  She was probably my second favorite, and now the “showing off some sideboob” category has gone dry.  There also hasn’t been enough Saiki/Sakurako development.  You can’t just give all those ass shots while they were crawling around in the air ducts and not have things progress.


Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo:  Fansubs are fun.  That is all.

Rideback 10:  Wow, I sensed bad times coming for the Rideback gang, but I didn’t expect them to kill off a character so soon.  It was nice that they replaced the next episode preview with a “In Memory of…” kind of montage for the fallen character.  I’m assuming that this event will be what it takes to push Rin, if not the entire Rideback club, into joining the rebels.  But it seems lately that Rin’s being less awesome and losing her spirit, which is just as bad as a character who takes forever to grow a spine.

Michiko to Hatchin: Finished the series today; will do a seperate final overall review.

Tales of the Abyss 23: More random deaths and revivals.  I love how Arietta pretty much died for nothing: they could have just locked her up until this new Ion showed up.


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