Manga Update: Deadman Wonderland 21, Mirai Nikki 39 + Paradox, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 217, xxxHolic 177


Just when you think Nagi’s down for the count…


But there’s no getting back up this time.  Nagi’ll go down in the Selfless GAR Sacrifice Hall of Fame for that last moment of bravery, but it sucks that Karako is losing her man.  Oh, and mangaka really need to stop with the whole “IT’S JUST RAINING GUYS, NOBODY’S CRYING” schtick.  It was cool and emotional the first couple times but now it’s just another cliche.  Anyhow, Karako and the others successfully escape, and Ganta & Shiro are in the process of breaking out, too.  I have a feeling they won’t make it since Mockingbird thinks Ganta looks super tasty and will probably get in the way.


Wow, so I totally thought that Yuuki would pussy out and leave Fake Yuno for dead, but he’s really grown a spine.  Akise looks so hurt~~  More on why in a second.  Yuuki and Yuno are in hiding after the throwdown with the 8th and 11th diary holders, so this chapter mostly focused on Minene.  She decides to track down the 8th & 11th, and comes across the 11th’s plan to pretty much brainwash all the city’s citizens by linking the 8th’s Apprentice Diary to a supercomputer.  Minene tries to thwart his plans then and there with a grenade but somehow the 8th knows all of her plans and escape routes.  She gets the DEAD END signal, but luckily its just Nishijima who finds her and he sends the guards off in another direction.


And because Mirai Nikki always has to end on a cliffhanger, Nishijima decides to propose to Minene!  I have to say they are a cute couple, but I feel like this can only lead to tears.  Nishijima’s slick and can hold his own, but I don’t think that he can keep up with the crazy attacks that the different Diary holders dish out.  If he doesn’t die, Minene would probably die trying to protect him.   So I think she’ll reject him if she knows what’s good for her, even though that probably won’t stop them from getting together one way or another.


In other Mirai Nikki stuff, Sakae Esuno has a second spinoff series called Mirai Nikki Paradox that features Akise and MuruMuru as the leads.  One day, MuruMuru fucks up the space-time continuum while making mochi (of all things).  This results in Yuno ceasing to exist and MuruMuru’s decision to fill her place until things can be fixed.  This is all very lol-worthy because she looks exactly the same only with a Yuno costume on.  I want to assume only the Diary holders can see her real face, but bystanders also look at her in confusion, so I guess she’s just stupid.


Anyhow, MuruMuru tries to capture Yuuki so he doesn’t run into the 3rd, but she actually just messes things up further.  The 3rd succeeds in stabbing Yuuki and is about to destroy his Diary when MuruMuru summons Akise to save the day.  He agrees to defeat the 3rd in exchange for her agreeing to save Yuuki’s life.


But I’m pretty sure that he asked for Yuuki’s recovery because he wants non-stop butt secksing when he gets better.  Akise denies that he’s gay, and he’s right.


He’s downright hard gay.  Or a psychotic stalker.  But I think that he would have tried to kill Yuno (as she did to him) by now if that were the case.  What I’m curious to know is where Akise’s adoration for Yuuki comes from.  It’s apparent that this Akise wasn’t brought from the future, but he definitely has to have some reason for wanting to make Yuuki the new god, other than “love at first sight”.


In TRC, we get a surprisingly fast “answer” to who the two extra Syaoran and Sakura are.  They aren’t the clones, but the original parents!  Doesn’t really explain why they’re dressed up like the younger versions, but I’ll assume that it’s a manifestation of their souls and not their physical bodies since Watanuki’s there too.  I’m kind of mucho confused as to why Sakura gave over her staff when she was still in high school, because that means that she gave it up right after the end of the original CCS manga.


Or is it that CCS Sakura and Syaoran really aren’t Watanuki and TRC Syaoran’s parents?  The Sakura that CCS Sakura is handing her wand to looks a lot older than any version of TRC Sakura that we’ve seen, past or present.  I would almost assume that she’s an older version of CCS Sakura, but why or how could they both…  DAMMIT CLAMP, MAKE YOUR THINGS CLEAR FOR ONCE.  In any case, it looks like the parents are dragging the younger versions away from each other, maybe in an effort to escape to another dimension and do damage control.  Everywhere you look you see Syaoran and Sakura’s magic circles and then it seems like that world shatters.  Hopefully next chapter will be calmer and we can see more of what Papa Syaoran and Mama Sakura have to offer.  By the way, where the fuck are Kero and Yue in all this?  They either have to also have multiple versions of themselves or be able to jump dimensions.


On xxxHolic’s side of things, Watanuki and Doumeki only experience a drop of the amount of time that occured in TRC 217.  Watanuki meets the double Syaorans and Sakuras, and is able to sense that they’re different than the versions he’s seen before.  Yet he also knows that he’s met them before, and feels his heart ache in confusion.  This sense of dread or unknowing causes him to run through the house, throwing open doors and yelling for Yuuko.  Poor baby.  I’m pretty sure Yuuko’s not coming back, and Maru and Moro certainly aren’t unless he learns how to conjure them up again.  His best bet would be Black Mokona but I don’t know where the heck he is.


In the midst of all this angst, how adorable was Doumeki?  First off, I saw that look Doumeki gave when Watanuki showed up with his dripping wet hair from his hot bath.  Secondly, all the pondering he’s doing shows that he’s really ready to stand and defend Watanuki when the time comes.  Thirdly, Doumeki called him “Watanuki” right to his face.  Or it would have been his face if Watanuki hadn’t ran away.  Point is that this is the first time I can recall Doumeki not calling him “Oi” or “Hey”.  Progress is wonderful~


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2 responses to “Manga Update: Deadman Wonderland 21, Mirai Nikki 39 + Paradox, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 217, xxxHolic 177

  • blissmo

    Yeah, in Deadman Wonderland I feel … nothing … when someone dies. At first, it was sort of emotional, but I do hate cliches so it had no effect on me. Still, Nagi was an awesome character. What I love most about Deadman Wonderland is that everyone dies in such a horrible way and the characters are insane.

  • Christine

    I don’t know some of the mangas you’re talking about, but you are so right in saying CLAMP is SO FREAKIN’ CONFUSING! My brain looks like scrambled eggs with ketchup.

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