Eden of the East – Episode 3


Saki and her Hagu-chan eyes invite you in….


So Akira and Saki get to Akira’s “house”, and it ends up being an abandoned high-end shopping mall.  Akira’s room is upstairs in the movie theater, which explains why he knows so much about films.  I love how Saki’s just okay with the fact that Akira owns a damn mall, and rationalizes that he must be the manager of the movie theater.  I mean, I’d be ecstatic if I found out the guy I’m psuedo-dating owns a mall, but then I’d have to stop halfway through my free shopping binge to realize something’s amiss.  First off, I bet theater managers around the world wish they had the dough to buy an entire mall and just shut it down for personal use.  Secondly, my conscience would have to wonder why a place like this is going to waste.  But I think it’s safe to say that Saki doesn’t have all her common sense marbles.  She’s only hanging out with an amnesiac who’s first impression was streaking in a foreign country.


I’ve only once been in a theater with a screen this big.  It’s really trippy if you’ve only been to podunk little theaters.  It would have been funny if Saki’s chair started to shake and move around like what companies are thinking to introduce into theaters to “enhance” the experience.  Thanks, but I like to keep my roller coasters and movies seperate.


We find out that Akira was holding the missing NEETs mentioned in the last episode in the mall.  I still don’t understand why they were all almost completely naked.  Was it hot in there?  Did they just feel like being nasty?  Were they told the mall was holding porn auditions?  I actually could picture the last possiblility luring people in.  I can also imagine what it’d be like if they rounded up the various Chan boards like this.  There’d be a lot more profanity and blood on the walls.  Anyhow, I know that Kondou says that Akira gathered the NEETs so he could kill them all, but somehow that doesn’t add up for me.  Regardless of what Akira was like before he lost his memories, I don’t think he’d be so cold-blooded to take a damn picture where he’s smiling in front of his soon-to-be victims.  Instead, I think that the NEETs are from the areas where the missles were supposed to hit on Careless Monday.  If you take into account the whole “no casualties” statement, that’d be hard to do with a bunch of NEETs who rarely leave their house for anything.  But that still leaves a loophole for other people who would have been in the areas, so I dunno.


Damn, Akira got his ass handed to him by Kondou.  I mean you don’t have to be an assassin to plan how you’re going to defend yourself.  It’s even worse because Akira saw Kondou coming way ahead of time due to the security cameras.  I imagine when he got his memory wiped that he said, “Hmmm, let’s hide 90% of my memory in cryptic subconscious occurences, and let the 10% movie know-how take over the majority of my consciousness.  Let’s see how witty my other self can be!”


This felt like a reverse Death Note moment.  It’s pretty shitty that he was just going to leave his wife like that.  I mean if you’re going to have a mistress, just end your previous relationship.  Kondou obviously don’t care about his wife, and maybe he could have avoided a knife to the spleen.  It’s a little disappointing that he’s out of the picture so soon, but I’m sure that there are only better characters on the way.  Besides, Kondou was pretty much used up spiritually and would have been easily tracked down by Juiz.


It’s pretty depressing that people are just walking by Kondou without noticing he’s dying.  I know this happens all the time in metropolitan areas and he wasn’t exactly calling out for help, but damn.


At least through all this death and mystery we have an adorbabble widdle poochie-woochie to look at.  I wish it could actually fly…


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