Ristorante Paradiso – Episode 3


The first thing that comes to mind when I see Nicoletta is the song “Maneater”, but that doesn’t really fit since she’s not setting out to use Claudio.   Maybe “Jizz in My Pants” is more fitting.  That expression tells me she’s bordering somewhere between love-sick puppy and blossoming yandere.




Damn girl, don’t you have anything else to talk about?  Just because everyone knows you like Claudio doesn’t mean you should turn the environment into an love interrogation setting.  Nicoletta should be focusing on winning over Claudio with her own charms rather than digging through his past relationship.


Luciano’s the only one who is visibly expressing his thoughts of “Hey, this girl is sorta all kinds of obsessed.  Either reciprocate her feelings or tell her to GTFO”.  He better make sure he stays tsun-tsun or Nicoletta will have him in her sights next.


Not surprising that Claudio’s ex, Gabriella, and Olga are associated with each other.  It only makes everything more soap opera-y.  Gabriella’s a likeable person; she’s sensible, nice, and tells it like it is.  It seems that her marriage with Claudio probably broke up because he couldn’t keep up with her.  Hopefully she won’t get snarky later in the series as Claudio and Nicoletta will inevitably get closer.  This scene also gave a further affirmation of how annoying Olga is.  It’s remarkable how she could be a lawyer with how childish she can be.


So awkward.  As much as I don’t like Olga, it’s apparent that Nicoletta gets her guy-chasing skills from her.  They’re both the head over heels, plan things out later type.


I know the “She’s my mother” revelation was in last episode’s preview, but I still laughed hard at the reaction and noise Claudio made.  It was like the perfect Scooby Doo-esque “REH?!” sound.  It’s nice to see that he can be taken by surprise, too.


So Claudio reveals that his real name is Santo Claudio Paradiso and proceeds to raise Nicoletta’s admiration to new heights.  Perhaps next episode he’ll walk into her apartment to see her making a fabulous altar for him.


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