Manga Update: xxxHolic 181


Unrelated Himawari balloon to hide spoilers since she’s all but dead to the plot now.


Bawwww, I don’t want Yuuko to disappear.  This is what I get from all of this: Clow was devastated by Yuuko’s death and wished that she could live.  Unfortunately his magic hax powers were strong enough to make it happen just by thinking that.  What I’m hazy on is FWR’s part in all of this.  He wanted to revive someone right?  Was it Clow or someone that hasn’t been revealed?  Or did he just want Yuuko to truely come back to life, since in actually she’s been a zombie that’s been able to exist since her personal time stopped?


Poor Watanuki is really breaking down over this.  He better watch the hell out though, cause he’s a descendant of Clow and could end up making the same wish mistake that Clow did.  I know Wata’s not as powerful, but he’s got determination on his side.  This chapter really solidifies the maturity that Watanuki has gained and I hope that he’ll be able to provide some direct assistance to the TRC crew.  Though I don’t really know how if Yuuko fades into nothingness.


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