10,000 Hits!

j5Huzzah, another milemarker!  Thanks to all to the visitors and link exchange partners who made this possible.  I know lately I’ve been typing in spasm tendencies with a bunch of posts and then nothing for a couple of days.  Excuse-wise, that’s due to getting a lead on a potential internship, getting my house back to looking like a house and just regular catching up with life.  That’s not to say I haven’t been watching anime.  I’ve been keeping up with my favorites and have even regained interest in series like Pandora Hearts, Saki and 07 Ghost (the last of which is mostly to fill my homoerotic quotient).   I still enjoy blogging, but I gotta be in the groove to type, you know?  I’m sure that’ll come back in full force when the summer season starts, but I’ll get my head together before then.

Oh and biggest surprise so far?  The xxxHolic Shunmuki post leads top views by a mile.  Sometimes the fandom seems smaller than most other series, so it’s nice to see so many interested people!


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