Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark – OVA 1 & 2


I checked out this OVA series on a whim, and it’s not the best crime/mafia anime out there but it’s not half bad either.  There are 4 episodes in all and the first two focus on Mihai and Badou, pictured above in green and orange respectively.  There’s a balance of drama and comedy in the same manner Cowboy Bebop was depicted but so far Dogs fails to get as dark or gritty.  Either that’ll show up in the last two OVAs or it might be more serious in the manga (which I’ve yet to read).


The animation and art style are a bit generic at times but I think the action makes up for it.  There are plenty of shootouts and the plot builds up around Mihai’s past that he has to face when he comes back in town.  Oh, and there are prostitutes with hearts of gold.  The first episode is mostly serious but the ending is kind of a WTF moment since there really is no transition between the last scene and the next episode.


Badou’s episode was funny mostly because of the mafia boss who, shall we say, sometimes likes to let others take the reins.  I loved the boss’s goons who are trying to comprehend the situation:



I’ve tried to decide what the target audience for Dogs is supposed to be.  On one hand, you have crime groups, assassins and guns.



On the other, there’s a lot of male fanservice.  The panning up of Mihai during the first episode’s credits was sooo slow that it was more awkward than ~sexy~.  Overall, the only concept that I’m disappointed with is that the OVAs are pretty much standalone with only a few tidbits carrying over from one episode to the next.  Hopefully that’ll change for the last two OVAs.


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One response to “Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark – OVA 1 & 2

  • Kiri

    The first two eps of the OAV definitely aren’t where the nitty gritty things are. Mihai’s was more sentimental than anything else, and Badou’s was just for the lulz. I agree that the animation is pretty standard, but the action is good — I’m a little disappointed at how Miwa Shirow’s style translated from the manga to this OAV, but I guess that’s just the difference between a still drawing and a moving image — a lot of detail is missing.

    As for target audience, the majority of DOGS’s fanbase seems to be women in their twenties. There’s a bit more female fanservice in Heine and Naoto’s sections, though honestly, the situations are dark enough that it feels much less like fanservice and much more like something you shouldn’t be seeing at all.

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