XxxHolic Shunmuki OVA: Part 2


Am I extremely forgetful or was most of the first half of this original content?  I feel like Production I.G. omitted a lot of the dream scenes, which is fine with me since they were a hot mess of confusion in the manga.  There’s also a lot less chronological jumping around in this part.  It looks like they put more time into the animation and quality this time, but don’t expect there not to be “noodle” people ’cause that’s just CLAMP’s style for this series.




Things start off from the first OVA with the book that dragged Watanuki and Doumeki into its pages.  A paper slips out and gives them a clue to go check out a pond in Doumeki’s backyard.  When it slips out Watanuki’s fingers and lands in the water…



…a giant whirlpool shoots out of the water and Ame-Warashi and Zashiki-Warashi appear.  I’m pretty sure this is new stuff, but it’s no big deal since they’re in character and it doesn’t draw away from the plot.




Besides, they gotta force Watanuki and Zashiki as a potential couple down the viewers’ throats every once in a while to water down all the male bonding.  Zashiki gets flustered as usual when Watanuki gets close and he ends up falling into the pond in an effort to keep her from falling in.





The water activates a hidden message on the paper to appear and Watanuki finds the next item, a small mirror, underneath a green rock.  With that the Warashis figure their work is done, and whirlpool back to their home.  Normally Mary Sue characters like Zashiki annoy me, but she proved that she had a backbone in the incident with the Spider Queen.  The only issue is that xxxHolic, in general, hardly utilized any action abilities that the characters have; all that went to the Tsubasa cast.


Well this is new.  And I like it.




Movin’ along, Yuuko calls Watanuki and advises him to focus his mind on the mirror.  In the middle of that, irrelevant c–kblocker Himawari-chan~ and Tanpopo show up with some food for the boys.  Watanuki tells her that they should make food together sometime, and Himawari agrees even though she’s still emo about the window accident.




After that, Watanuki realizes where the next item should be and the boys go check out an umbrella holder box.  The crest on it is the same mysterious bird that kept showing up in the mirror, and a key appears when Watanuki presses on it.



Doumeki puts two and two together and realizes the symbols on the items match the crests that are on Haruka’s old storehouse.  He brings a box to Watanuki, which sucks Watanuki into the ~land of dreams~ once again.




He meets up with Haruka and Sakura’s soul, which is trapped there due to her situation in Tsubasa Shunraiki.  They chat it up and Sakura points out how Watanuki and Syaoran are alike.





Suddenly a hand appears behind Sakura and R! Syaoran shows up, with C! Syaoran appearing seconds later.  Thus you have the three main guys of the xxxHolic/TRC universe together at last.  It’s really interesting to look at if you’re up to date with the manga (highlight for spoiler): Clone Syaoran is both Watanuki and Real Syaoran’s father, yet Clone Syaoran and Watanuki are made from Real Syaoran. Oh CLAMP, you and your clusterf*ck plots.


As things start getting hyped up, C! Syaoran hits Watanuki with a lash of wind that knocks off his glasses and teleports him to a different area.  It took me a while to get used to glassesless Watanuki in the manga, but I think he looks a lot more mature without them (which is usually not the case with glasses).




Watanuki meets Yuuko in the dream world, and he exclaims that he wants to be the one who grants Yuuko’s wish for once.  This takes Yuuko by surprise in a big way, but she composes herself and embraces Watanuki in a hug.  I would probably ship these two as a couple, but she’s always been more like a second mother to him.




Finally Watanuki wakes up, and the OVA ends with a little dialogue from Yuuko.  I think the biggest issue about xxxHolic is that it lost its creepy nature when the crossovers with Tsubasa became more common.  The episode with the beach house still gives me chills, and it’s a shame that quality got lost in the plot.  As some of you might know, a third xxxHolic OVA has been announced and I’m kind of mixed about it.  Of course I’m always for more xxxHolic animation (especially since the series always gets shafted by Tsubasa), but what are they going to animate?  The lady who wouldn’t eat her food is the most recent arc and I’m sorry but I hated reading that, let alone would I want to watch a half hour to an hour of that.





I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING, PRODUCTION I.G./CLAMP. It feels like they’re really speeding up the Watanuki/Doumeki friendship but I guess it’s cause there will probably just be one more OVA and they want to get as close to the final arc as possible.


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One response to “XxxHolic Shunmuki OVA: Part 2

  • getzabel

    holoaaaa bueno la serie y la maga estn muy buenas la onda es que no se nada de como se termina o se termina a qui en holic xxx
    o sigue despues de que shaoran y zakura sew encuentran nuevamente en tokio

    porfis informeneme por que estoy re perdida

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