Ristorante Paradiso – Episode 11 (Final)


Well holy hell, there was more action and drama in this episode than the past half of the series.  It would have been nice if they spaced out the plot better, but they only had eleven episodes to fit all the character backgrounds in.  Plus, it set up a nice emotional explosion for this episode.  I feel like Nicoletta is so hard to please.  She got so pissed this time when Claudio was about to take of his ring, yet she didn’t in previous episodes when it was obviously missing from his finger.


Nicoletta storms out of the restaurant, and runs straight to another cafe to confront Gabriella.  It was so funny to see Olga squirm from the intense awkwardness of the situation.


In fact, some of the best moments of this episode were when Olga intervened, which surprised me since I generally hated her throughout this series.  I’m amazed that it took Olga this long to find out that Claudio knew Nicoletta was her daughter.



Olga invites Nicoletta to attend her birthday party at the restaurant as a guest rather than working in the kitchen.  Of course it only takes Nicoletta chatting with Lorenzo for Olga to get this total “I’m about to ship you back to Japan” expression.


Excuse me, why are you introducing Mr. Hot Nameless Blond this late in the game?  He’s a fresh breath of air that the series could have used earlier.



Gabriella knows what’s up.  I have to agree that while Olga still pisses me off, she’s willing to change for Nicoletta.


Awesome meltdown/confession.  Olga finds out that Nicoletta baked her birthday cake, and becomes so overwhelmed that she spills out that Nicoletta is her daughter.  Lorenzo is like “lol I knew for months” and accepts her as his daughter, too.  By the way, I love that everyone is like “Nicoletta, this is your best dish you’ve made!”  No offense, but it’s a cake.  A great cake, but a cake nonetheless.  She’s been trying entrees for several episodes, and they dissed every one of them.


What the fuck, Nicoletta.  You’ve been hounding Claudio for eleven episodes, of which you practically molested him in the second one.  But he finally admits his feelings and all you can do is cry?  And all you can do is pat her on the head, Claudio?  Weird weird people.


For real, couldn’t have said it better.  I know she genuinely likes Claudio, but it really came down to an unofficial contest of who could get affection from Claudio.  Except Gabriella was really never into actively winning Claudio’s heart, and Nicoletta would have been shut down in a second if she had tried.  It was just a weird episode in many ways, with the top odd moment being Nicoletta banning Gabriella from coming to the restaurant.  Gabriella obviously has a cooler head than I, because I’d be asking how the fuck a kitchen aid has the right to ban me.


Overall I really enjoyed this series, and I only wish that it had a longer season.  Apparently there’s a manga sequel to the original one-volume story, so maybe we’ll see more in the future.  The OST is also out so check it out!


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