Summer 2009: Aoi Hana

I didn’t expect much coming into this new series, but it’s a pretty enjoyable slice-of-life show.  In that mindset, don’t expect a lot of action or cartoonish antics.  A lot of people will probably be bored with this show, but I like realistic shows once in a while.  Of course things are played up with the shoujo-ai undertones, which may lean closer to yuri if the OP is any hint.  The plot revolves around the reunion of two childhood friends, Fumi and Akira.  They were best buds when they were little, but Fumi had to move away and they lost touch with each other.  Fumi is already pretty much an outright lesbian, although she doesn’t completely acknowledge it since she uses the fact that her cousin is a girl as an excuse for being “rejected”.  Maybe it’s just my limited base, but I wish that they would do more lesbian-based plots in co-ed schools.    It always seems like it’s supposed to be this magical phenomenon that only happens in girls-only schools.  Anyhow, the first episode could be a nice setup for the rest of the series as long as they don’t slow things down any further.  Plus, I think the supporting characters will add more liveliness to the show.


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