Summer 2009: Needless

The opening animation of Needless lead me to believe that the show would be purely action-based, but that’s only half of it.  There’s a lot comedy in the form of corny word jokes and SD faces.  The costumes and bad guys are pretty out there also, so this series is basically Excel Saga meets Cutey Honey.  At times it felt more like I was watching a video game, especially when Blade yells out “Judgment! DEATH PENALTY!”.  I thought Sengoku Basara was high-octane action, but this show goes even further.  Needless is certainly a visual feast since Madhouse is at the helm, and I just hope they can keep the gag jokes unique or things will get boring quick.

My only WTF reaction is at the ending animation.  I mean, shit, Chris Hansen will be knocking on Madhouse’s door if he ever sees this.  Either Madhouse are loli lovers or they’re making fun of how anime credits always use the overzealous girls who act out the wet dreams of guys.  Except this is a bit of a backfire if it’s a parody, cause lolipedos and neckbeards will just eat this shit up.


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