Shangri-La – Episode 14




So Kuniko’s grandmother, Nagiko was actually the first CEO of Atlas and got money from Tarsian (the guy who chats with Karin) to make the city.  It’s obvious where Kuniko gets her good looks from.  I guess I wasn’t expecting this since the old otaku guys in Akihabara showed that she was an pop idol back when Tokyo was normal.  No offense, but not too many pop idols are technological wizards.  It makes me wonder how much all that’s going on is pre-determined.


It’s obvious that Tarsian and Ryoko are pulling strings, but I can’t tell if Tarsian and Nagiko set up the whole Digma system together from the start.  Tarsian probably stole Nagiko’s position from her, which would make sense for the Metal Age serving her revenge plot.  Another revelation was that Ryoko is Tarsian’s niece, either in blood-relation or just title.  Couldn’t help but smile that Tarsian is the one person who can shut Ryoko up.  It’s possible that Kuniko isn’t a normal human just like Karin, but then that raises a question of why Karin isn’t one of the Digmas since her male twin was called Digma Zero.  I’m just praying that when Nagiko said Kuniko’s mom is in Atlas that it doesn’t mean Ryoko’s her mom.  That’d be just too freaky.


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