Spice & Wolf II – Episode 2


Not to be a sourpuss, but isn’t it pretty barbaric that Horo’s wearing a fox fur?  I know they’re two different species, but it feels like that’d be the equivalent of me walking around with a necklace of dead babies around my neck.  They’re both four legged and furry but I guess small foxes just aren’t in the same league of respect as house-sized wolves.  This episode we’re also introduced to Dean/Deanna, who has to live in the slums since the Church outlaws alchemy/magic/anything that requires thinking outside the box.  She’s pretty smart so hopefully she’ll show up in further episodes.


3 responses to “Spice & Wolf II – Episode 2

  • 2DT

    Functionally, I think it would be the same as you wearing a monkey pelt. Still conceptually kind of gross, but not fundamentally wrong in theory.

  • Otaku

    That fox looks nowhere nearly as beautiful as Horo. Lol. I’ve actually had fox tails before and they’re quite nice though. I think she should have just got the tail and not the whole body but whatever. Deanna seems quite beautiful and mysterious too, though I have a feeling she might cause some trouble. Hopefully she and that Baratose guy are allies. And that moon-eating bear is interesting too. If Yoitsu really is gone, I wonder how Horo will react and if Lawrence will do anything about it…

  • DukeDuek

    in reality (I know its anime) wolves hunt foxes and foxes are actually closely related to cats. watch a fox hunt it pounces and hops and can turn it’s body in angles that a dog or wolf just can’t. Wolves do hunt deer most of the time but rarely when wolf is on its own anything small that it can catch is fair game. and keep in mind in the time frame that the show is based in there was a lot of fur and even more animals that fur clothing was made from. I take no sides really unless there is the ultimate fur is murder person yelling and protesting, then I do it just to piss them off.

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