Aoi Hana – Episode 2 & 3


Well this was surprising.  I didn’t expect Sugimoto to ask out Fumi so soon, or for Fumi to accept Sugimoto’s feelings.  At first I thought that Fumi just thought she was gay but it looks like she and her cousin had been intimate and Fumi was left high and dry.  It’s kind of crummy that Fumi accepted the date when it was obvious that Sugimoto had just broken up with Kyoko, but I guess Fumi just shrugged it off cause it’s not like she knew her.  Hopefully Akira can knock some sense into her head.

This episode also highlighted two of my least favorite things: siscons and pre-arranged marriages.  Siscons like Akira’s brother seem to only exist in fiction, but I’m sure there are overprotective siblings in the real world like that.  As for arranged marriages, they can be fine when the couple grows to like each other, but in Kyoko and her fiancee’s case it’s obvious that they’re not in love and don’t want to be in love.  It’s kind of gross that the fiancee is kind of interested in Akira, but hopefully that was just a fleeting attraction on his part.  Lastly, BOO on J.C. Staff’s part on not showing Sugimoto and Fumi’s kiss.  This is a yuri/shoujo-ai series so they should be prepared to show the physical stuff and not just the teary emotional sides of the relationships.


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