Haruhi’s Endless Eight Continues; Former Director Apologies For Kyoto’s BS

This is from Yutaka Yamamoto’s panel at Otakon 2009, in which he tries to sort out what the heck Kyoto Animation is doing to the second season of Haruhi.  I love how everybody went “awww” when Yamamoto apologized.  In the deep corners of my mind, I imagine that Nagaru Tanigawa made a bet with Kyoto, saying that he’ll let them do more seasons if they can make it through eight episodes of Endless Eight.  It’s really the only way I can make this mess logical.  I mean, a stunt like this would be PR gold if Haruhi was an unknown series but almost every anime fan knows about Haruhi.  And I really have to raise an eyebrow at the fans that’ll waste their money on the season 2 DVDs which will no doubt be worth less than they’ll be priced.


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