Kanamemo – Episode 3


Next time you’re buying Girl Scout cookies…


…know that this is the inner soul of that Girl Scout.  You don’t think they walk around neighborhoods to look cute, do you?  It’s all about the badges, baby.  Anyhow, I dont think the Chief would be too sad to miss out on her childhood experiences if it meant more newspaper subscriptions.


Of course the Chief isn’t the only demon in the house.  I gotta admit I laughed when Haruka wasn’t going to back down this time from feeling up Kana.



EVERYONE’S IN DESPAIR.  The main part of this episode centered on Kana’s freakish smile and its ability to scare the crap out of anyone who saw it.  I wish it would have been shown, but I guess it’s one of those things that can only be imagined in the deepest, darkest parts of your imagination.


Mika’s over-the-top tsundere personality doesn’t get on my nerves because Kana’s just so clueless to her actions.  I wonder if Rie Kugimiya ever gets tired of being typecasted in these kind of roles.


Mika helps Kana practice her smile and this is the result.  Oh man, I can only imagine what that would look like in real life.  Gotta admit it’s totally precious.


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