Shangri-La – Episode 16


It seems this is just a series where the good guys rarely get a break.  Kuniko confronts Nagiko about being one of the co-creators of Atlas, and ultimately banishes Nagiko from Duomo.  I really don’t see the point in doing this right now.  Kuniko could have least pumped Nagiko for information about Atlas before sending her packing, and something tells me that Nagiko never meant for Atlas to be the craphole that it has become.  I’ll assume Nagiko will head to Akihabara since that’s really the only other settlement that’s still standing.  Maybe she’ll shack up with the Three Otaku Oji-sans.


Pure. Fucking. Rage.  Ahhhhhhhh, I hate Ryoko!  I was about to be even more mad at the plot when I thought that Mi-ko died without hardly any buildup, but it seems that she lives on inside of Lord Hiruko’s shriveled boy body.  The squishing noise of Mi-ko’s body being compacted was one of the few sounds in anime that have disturbed me.


She’s certainly living up to her villainous purpose for this show.  I’d suggest sending Ryoko to the deepest level of Hell, but she would hardly care as long as she had her way to the very end.  I was hoping that Tarsian’s presence would mess with her, but it looks like she’d rather fuck up Atlas if it means she stays on top.


It must be unfortunate to have a nicely shaped body that’s colored like a leek.  And Shangri-La must have a later timeslot than I thought, cause I wasn’t expecting nipples.


Mikuni has really found her “human” side which showed when she stormed Atlas in the hopes of saving Mi-ko.  It was really touching when she held Mi-ko (in Hiruko’s body) and assured Mi-ko that she’s the same person, no matter what form she takes.  Only thing I don’t get is why she doesn’t use her body-crunching mind technique anymore.  Maybe it was something she could only do when she distanced her heart from other people.


Haha, Sayoko is one batshit crazy lady but she’s the best person to be your ally.  I can only imagine how long she was hiding out in Hiruko’s chamber before taking a bullet for Mikuni.  She kidnaps Hiruko/Mi-ko in order to escape with Mikuni and it looks like they’ll meet Karin who’s also hiding in Akihabara.  It also looks like Hiruko’s purpose was more than prophesizing: he controlled the oscillation of Atlas.  I think that means that Atlas will lose balance without Hiruko, and it makes sense that a massive structure like Atlas would need something to protect it against the natural forces of Earth.


And of course Takehiko has to do something stupid.  I’m not worried for Kuniko, ’cause I’m sure there’ll be some sob story that comes out of Takehiko, of which Kuniko will comfort him and make him stop.


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