Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Episode 4


So delightful I had to make a gif out of it.  It seems Umineko and Bakemonogatari are at the forefront of loli violence this season.


Hmmmm, where have I seen THAT before?  Kanon goes on this whole rant about breaking Beatrice’s plan by being the zero pocket in roulette…


But he’s no Rena, so Beatrice/the killer stabs Kanon in the heart before he realizes it.  That completes the “gouge the heart and kill” part of Beatrice’s outline.  I don’t know if it’s something worth noticing, but I thought it was odd that the weapon was lying next to Kanon when everyone found him.  Either it fell out when he hit the ground or someone pulled it out.  I could see it being an intentional thing because Kanon probably would have had a better chance of survival if the weapon hadn’t been taken out.


The group also finds Kinzo’s supposed charred corpse outside of the furnace.  They believe it’s him because of the extra toes on the corpse’s feet that match what Kinzo had.


In a last ditch attempt to stay safe, the group decides to stay in Kinzo’s apartment which locks automatically and has an anti-magic seal on the doorknob.  Natsuhi and the three teens read over Beatrice’s outline again, and notice a new letter from Beatrice on the table when they turn around.  Natsuhi automatically accuses Dr. Nanjo, Genji, Kumasawa and Maria of either being Beatrice or conspirating with the killer.  None of the four can prove their innocence so Natsuhi forces them to leave the room.  Battler gives Maria his anti-magic scorpion thing for protection when she leaves.  If I were Natsuhi, I would have kept the four there because it’d be worse to let the killer run free through the house if it was one of them.


Afterwards, Battler realizes there was a second page to the letter, which has a “discord” spell on it that could be blamed for dividing the two groups of survivors.  Suddenly the phone rings, even though the lines should be down, and Natsuhi hears Maria singing on the other end.


When the others go investigate, they find Kumasawa, Nanjo, and Kumasawa dead and Maria standing in the corner.  This could be taken two ways: either Maria killed the three adults or the scorpion medallion protected her.  To be honest, I think Maria would have been passed over anyhow since she’s Beatrice’s little snot-nosed minion.

Earlier this episode, Battler made an interesting comment about the possibility that one of the first six isn’t really dead.  He based this on the face that the faces were so beaten in that you’d never be able to tell if it was someone else.  So I decided to make a handy dandy death chart:


Two lines mean confirmed death and one means supposed death, and only one supposed death may be alive (or a couple if there are co-conspirators).  Kinzo’s a supposed death to me because it’d be easy to stick something on a corpse to make it look like  a sixth toe.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to put Shannon as a confirmed or supposed death, because her face wasn’t as bashed in as the others.  It was pretty easy to tell it was her, but at the same time it’s suspicious that she’s different than the rest of the bunch.  I think my biggest complaint with this series is that I can’t get any sense of how much time passes between scenes.  It’s hard to tell how long it was between when Maria’s group left Kinzo’s apartment and when they were found dead.  I guess this is one instance where playing the game helps because they don’t have to cut out stuff for time restraints like anime shows do.


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