Manga Update: Mirai Nikki 43


Well if there was any doubt whether or not Yuuki would keep his new bad boy demeanor, this certainly diminishes it.  He and Yuno shows up where Minene, Nishijima and the others are in order to take down the 11th.  It looks like he still keeps some of his values when it comes to human life, because he hasn’t attacked anyone who’s not involved with the Diary game yet.   Also, I dunno if it’s the art, but he practically looks like an 18 year old now.


Unfortunately, Yuuki and Yuno don’t show up until after Minene and Nishijima are ambushed.  Minene gets her hand blown off by a bomb and Nishijima gets shot trying to shield her from the guards.  Nishijima looks practically dead, but maybe he’ll make it through with some sliver of luck.  Minene won’t last much longer in the game with a missing limb, and I’d rather see her live out the last of her days with him in peace since she’s been fighting her whole life.  But even if he does die, I’m sure Yuuki would revive him if he wins (which looks pretty likely).


Slicing people in half like that is a little over the top for believeable imagery but whatever.  Yuno’s just doing what she does best.


Damn, he didn’t even take a minute to think over the situation, but it’s obvious that he’s got a plan.  Akise’s missing from all the action so I bet he’ll do something to help them win in the end.


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