Basquash! – Episode 17


Well hello, Mr. Literally Tall, Dark and Handsome.  I was surprised that we got an explanation for the moon giants so quickly and I hope that Naviga will be able to compete in Bigfoot competitions.  How funny would it be if he spend time on the court yelling, “HEY, LISTEN”? (Hope someone gets that stretch of a joke.)  Anyhow it looks like Sela might fall in love with Navi, which is a little awkward when you factor in her “genes” obsession and his size.


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One response to “Basquash! – Episode 17

  • ManaChwan

    Seriously, isn’t he?

    And it seems like he may, considering ep 18’s preview, but it’s best to be hopeful and prepared for disappoint.

    And I love you for that. Seriously, there needs to be fanart and banners/icons of that. (I think I’ll make an icon now.)

    That’s the funny and awkward part. But it’s definitely leaning that way. But I read on another blog that people are talking about Zentradi Shrinking Machines. Since Kawamori is co-creator, I wouldn’t be surprised. (The Moon does sound capable of quite a bit.)

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