Fan Pixels: 呉風 + My Thoughts on Fan Artists vs. the Internet


I figure this is as good a time to do another artist spotlight given the explosion of fanart wank posts that have showed up recently on other blogs.  I admit that I haven’t been the type to always credit fanart for two possible reasons: I either didn’t know the artist’s name or I assumed that I would be notified if there was an issue.  In regards to the first, I only used English image boards up until about last year.  These sites seem to be the bane of artists because they generally don’t list the artist’s name or link back to the original site.  But rather than taking a shit on them, it’d be better to band together and try to get those sites to reformat.  For example, making it a requirement to provide the original link when adding an image to the board.  I’m sure that some will think, “Yeah good luck getting them to listen”, but really they need to accept input to a point or their fanart-driven boards would dry up if artists decide to boycott putting new material online.


Another point I’d like to make is that without English image boards, there’s a lot of fanart that I just would never have seen.  It’s great to make a case to go on Pixiv, but I would have never been able to if I hadn’t found a handy dandy English explanation of how to register.  Plus, I’m not sure if Pixiv would enjoy a bombardment of “fake” accounts that only view the site and don’t add art.  As for my second reason: I’ll admit that it’s based on laziness.  I figured if someone had a bone to pick, they’d contact me like how animation companies contact download sites.  Only thing is companies have plenty of man power to go after individual sites, and an artist is by him or herself.  I can see how that would be a neverending battle for them and could lead to the frustration that’s erupted.


So how will I go about this?  Pixiv has been my go-to site for the past couple of months, so I’ll probably make that my main spot.  All accounts provide a gallery URL and a user name so it’ll be easy to provide credit.  And as always, artists can ask to have their images removed if wanted.  Basically, yes I will continue to post fanart on this blog sometimes.  When I post someone’s fanart, I do it out of admiration of that artist’s skills.  This isn’t a site like image boards where people make asinine or rude comments about the picture, and it usually just accompanies a general concept such as a picture of Tieria dressed as a witch for a “Happy Halloween” post.


In fact, I can’t recollect an anime BLOG in which people are tearing apart someone’s fanart (unless it’s some really out there image like Mikuru peeing on a wall or something).  Telling anime bloggers not to use fanart without proper credit is one thing, but saying not to do it at all is just a lost cause.  It’s common knowledge how open-ended the internet is and I can’t understand why you would put something online without expecting it to spread in some way.  I agree with others who think that artists should watermark or sign images (like 呉風 has done) if you want a “full proof” way to be accredited (even though with Photoshop there’s still a way for it to be removed).  This is really a two-way street issue and both sides need to work together rather than being lectured.  It’s hard to take demands from fanartists when you know that not everyone on that team is a pure anti-piracy example that would never download anime, manga, music, games, etc.

For more art by 呉風, please visit

For a guide on how to register for Pixiv, visit


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