Umi Monogatari – Episode 6


Wow, my Sailor Moon comparison just got even better.  Urin’s fed up with the “selfishness” of the Sky Beings and Marin, so she allows Sedna’s power to overtake her.  Kanon’s ring transforms into a butterfly tattoo on Urin’s finger and she basically turns into a snippy, zombie-eyed brat who can suck the evil power from Sedna’s underlings.  This is totally like Chibi-Usa/Rini’s situation where she let herself get used by Wiseman.  I’ll hardly be surprised if Urin transforms into an older version of herself, a la Black Lady.  Anyhow, Urin’s a complete hypocrite for complaining about the selfishness of humans.  There’s not too many things more selfish than expecting your sister to only pay attention to you forever.  This same situation would have happened even without Kanon around, such as if Marin would ever get married or something.


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