Yes, Endless Eight is Over.


What am I supposed to do?  Congratulate Kyoto?  That’s like praising someone who got a home run after striking out; you don’t even know why they were still swinging.  We’ll see how they finish out the new episodes, but the generally worshiped glamour of Haruhi has a big fat scar on it now.  The situation mostly annoyed me, but now I can only give a laugh or two over its ridiculous, stupid nature and enjoy the extra homoerotic moments between Kyon and Itsuki that were created.  It’s amazing that Yutaka Yamamoto could be fired from Lucky Star and Takami Akai would leave Gainax over the Gurren Lagann incident, but there’s no studio fallout from one of the least creative decisions in possibly anime history.  While I’m sure plenty of hardcore fans will buy the DVDs anyhow, I can only imagine the rage of new viewers or parents who will find out they bought a disc full of the same thing.


Image by ヤッキー :


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