Ponyo to Make Miyazaki Famous in U.S., I Say “Wut”


I’m kind of insulted that Yahoo! implies that Miyazaki’s fame will be reliant on the kid siblings of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.  I don’t think a more star-studded than usual cast (Tina Fey, Liam Neeson) will make him a “household” name, and I’d be pretty disappointed if English viewers need high profile voice actors to be swayed toward his marvelous movies.  More people are probably familiar with his animation company, Studio Ghibli.  After all, thousands of families own Pixar movies and I can guarentee that 90% won’t be able to name the actual directors.   While Miyazaki’s name might not be easily recognized, his movies certainly are.  Many people know of Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.  Those movies would probably be a little much for little kids to handle, but Ponyo might just end up being the “My Neighbor Totoro” of this generation.  I feel like the U.S. media gushes with admiration whenever one of his films comes out, but puts him on the back burner in between them.


Yahoo Movie Blog article via: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/movie-talk-miyazaki.html


5 responses to “Ponyo to Make Miyazaki Famous in U.S., I Say “Wut”

  • Inuhanyou

    Well the dude doesn’t really bother to promote himself much, its not like we have to go through effort of trying to make him popular if he hates us so bad that he doesn’t even want to come here..

  • expoexpo

    Miyazaki hates who? He was in the U.S. in July to promote Ponyo so I’m not sure what you mean.

  • Inuhanyou

    In the interview on the panel at comic-con, he said he only came because a Disney director begged him to come, which implies he woulden’t have come otherwise.

    Because “he coulden’t visit a country that was bombing iraq”. Now, I don’t claim to know what the Bush administration did in their free time, but that seems like a really petty generalization to make against an entire nation, which kind of reinforces the deal that just plain he hates us you know…

  • expoexpo

    But from that there’s no reason to assume that he hates the American people. Governments and the general people are separate entities, which is evident by the amount of protests toward the Iraq war by American citizens. His protest may have been aimed more at the government and I think his decision to finally come is because he acknowledges that he has fans over here who appreciate him. I may be wrong, but I also think it’s bad to speculate that he “hates” Americans just because he disagrees with U.S. policy. His arrival coincides with the U.S. Army’s withdrawal from Iraqi cities so it’s most likely been a political matter than xenophobia.

    Edit: Found this little tidbit that kind of adds to the context of Miyazaki’s reasoning:

    “It should be common knowledge to any serious Miyazaki scholar that he abhorred not only the Iraq War, but war itself. The idea of violence is depicted in his work as violent tragedy, slapstick mockery, or both…I don’t think very many Westerners know that the war in Howl’s Moving Castle was itself a reflection on the Iraq War. It was a comment on that war, viewed through the lens of Miyazaki’s long career.”

    Quote via: http://ghiblicon.blogspot.com/2009/07/miyazakis-opposition-to-iraq-war.html

  • Inuhanyou

    Eh, maybe your right…he’s a far left liberal if i ever saw one..in that vein, i agree with him almost completely…however it is also a fact that he has studied marxism and is opposed to globalization…..and there’s only one place that exemplifies that at this point in time. (AmeriKKKa rammestein anyone?) i dunno, its probably just me that’s all, i get sensitive when generalizations are made, cause its like one isnt even making an effort to understand someone else…i’ll take another look at the situation though, thanks for shedding some light on the situation as well

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