Bakemonogatari – Episode 6


“Certainly, this one is an oddity.”


What?  The fact that we’re focusing on a supernatural entity and not the endless yandere drabblings of Senjougahara and Araragi’s relationship?  Yes, the ending of this episode was an oddity.  I’m all for quirky, unusual romances but this show is called “Ghost Story”.  I want to feel creeped out and Senjougahara is just not fitting the bill anymore.  Sure I was surprised by her ability to horde school supplies like a packrat in the first arc, but now I know what to expect.  She’ll insult, flirt or threaten to injure Araragi.  If someone had to deal with “Senjougahara Fascination” in real life, they’d be calling the police.  But her panty/bra scenes and the fanbase’s acceptance that being insulted is great if it’s done by a pretty girl cements Senjougahara as a series favorite. So…


As for this episode, I’ll assume that Kanbaru really is the person who attacks Araragi at the end of the episode.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Mayoi disappeared when Kanbaru showed up at the beginning of the show.  She never had to go away when Senjougahara was around, even though she was scared of her.


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