Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark – OVA 3


Well this was disappointing.


I get that Naoto finding out that the man she’s been with all this time wasn’t her parents’ killer was supposed to be the big shocker, but it was overshadowed by the sheer stupidity that no one told her the truth in the first place.  I could understand if they were trying to shelter her from violence, but she did knife training that could have been done with just as much vengance while knowing the situation.  Even more bizarre was that Naoto was named after the killer.  If the series CAANAN has taught me anything, it’s to never label a bunch of people with the same name.  Anyhow, just as things were getting good, it ends with basically a “The princess killer is another castle” moment.  I’d hope that Naoto would encounter the killer in the next OVA but it’ll probably move on to the fourth character shown in the opening credits.

Oh well, for those who like knife fights, tits and have scar fetishes, this OVA will still be right down your alley.


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