Anime Update: Rough Draft Style


Oh man, if there’s one thing I’ll miss about living on campus it’s having reliable internet access.  Right now my housemates and I are trying to get it up and properly functioning, so I’ll make this quick before my wireless decides to cut out again.  This will also let me get in a couple words on some series that I don’t make constant posts about.

07 Ghost – up to Episode 21

So precious.  They might as well cut out the middleman and make this into a gay visual novel game.

Aoi Hana – up to Episode 9

Sugimoto is a BITCH and she can step to the left.  I hope that Fumi never goes back to her.  Those two are polar examples of unrequited love:  Sugimoto gave up someone who’s willing to love her for a man who will never choose her, and Fumi gave up on her cousin, moved on and accepted someone who was willing to “truly” love her.  Sugimoto needs to feel regret for taking Fumi for granted and expecting her to wait for reciprocated love that may never come.  Also, Kyoko’s fiance Ko needs to step the fuck back and leave Akira alone.

Bakemonogatari – up to Episode 8

The Suruga Monkey arc was pretty good and the action definitely brought back the eerie, gory aura that ghost/monster shows should have.  I don’t know who I’d be more afraid of meeting in a dark alley: Suruga or the baseball bat kid from Paranoia Agent.  I think I also like the opening theme for this arc most.

Basquash! – up to Episode 20

This is probably the best mixture of fantasy and sports that I’ve seen in an anime series.  All of the characters have developed a lot and I never expected so many good mysteries and twists to turn up in a robot-basketball show.  Rouge’s memory loss is probably the least impressive part of the plot, but I’m just hoping that they don’t ship her and Dan together.  Miyuki deserves her man!

CAANAN – up to Episode 9

Glad to have Yun Yun back, even if there’s a good chance that she’ll die before she can get more Ua virus medicine.  From Liang Qi’s epic Yakuza-esque rant to her helicopter attack of love on Caanan, she’s definitely in the running to being my favorite character of the season.  She’s just so buttfuck crazy that I have to admire it.  Hakko’s kind of annoying me with her sneak attacks on Caanan, but it looks like she’ll have a bit of a freakout next episode.

GA Art Class – up to Episode 2


Guin Saga – up to Episode 20

I loled at Remus’s declaration that he wouldn’t cut his hair until he wins back Parros.  Too bad he can’t grow any facial hair and it’ll just make him look evil and girly like Aldo Naris.  I can sympathize with Istovan wanting to win his right to the throne on his own, but he’s a fool to leave Rinda with Remus.  Oh well, Rinda needs to grow some balls again and stop wimping out.  Both she and Amnelis need to be reschooled in feminine kickass tactics.

Haruhi Season II – Dead to me until next season (if they can afford one lol).

Kanamemo – up to Episode 8

Pedo lesbian attacks and feel-good messages.  That’s basically the circle of life for this show.

Pandora Hearts – up to Episode 21

I haven’t really touched on this show, but I really like it.  It’s the standard Monster of the Week/Arc kind of format, but the Alice in Wonderland twists make it just original enough to be interesting.  It would have been better off with a higher production level of animation, but the art and music is good.  I’ll be a little disappointed if Pandora Hearts doesn’t get another season, but I’m not sure how far along the manga is and it’s always better to wait for the real ending rather than an anime-only ending.

Needless – up to Episode 9

Panty shots and fanservice galore but it’s done in a way that it doesn’t take away from the rest of the comedy.  I really doubt that the Pretty Girl Squad died (they provide too many lulz), and the introduction of the Reaper girls should make the upcoming fight with Arclight even better.

Princess Lover – up to Episode 8

The action side of this series saves it from being just another dumb big-boobed harem show.  Though the “let’s play fair for Arima’s heart” pact between the four girls is stupid and won’t last.

Saki – up to Episode 21

What a surprise, Saki’s team won with a realisticly near impossible strategy and are going to the nationals.  Still, they did a pretty good job of keeping any of the other three schools as possible winners up until Saki’s power run.  I hope that someone from a different school wins the individual competition.

Shangri-La – up to Episode 21

FUCK YOU MAN, HOW DARE YOU KILL MI-KO.  At least she went out in a badass manner, but I thought there was a chance that she’d make it through the series.  Kumiko really bores me now and I’d rather watch nothing but Karin and Momoko.  Side thought: is it on purpose that so many of the characters’ names end in -ko?

Sora no Manimani – up to Episode 7

So much relationship drama.  I’d rather see Saku and Hime together, because non-stop happy characters who have a convienient sad side for serious moments like Mihoshi really bug me.

Spice and Wolf II – up to Episode 8

All this flirting between Horo and Lawrence is causing me to get the vapors.  Horo’s intense breakdown, the blushing, the witty banter, the hugs…  I hated Amarti, but I guess it’s thanks to him that Horo and Lawrence’s relationship is up to a 9.  Biggest surprise for me was that Deanna turned out to be a magic animal like Horo, while the mystery blue eyed person from the opening seems is just a female merchant in disguise named Boland.  She says that all she wants is to have conversations with Lawrence since she doesn’t have to hide her gender from him, but I think Horo’s going to smell Boland’s scent on him and get pissed.  Horo doesn’t need any distractions while she’s trying to get Lawrence in the sack.

Taisho Yakyuu Musume – up to Episode 7

I used to call Noriko a poor man’s Sugimoto (from Aoi Hana), but I’ll retract that since Sugimoto can eat dirt for all I care.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – up to Episode 8

Omg, omg. ;_;  Is Yuuki dead?  All of Mirai’s damn “dream within a dream” scenes are throwing me off and I can’t tell if he actually survived or not.  I’m only skeptical because Mirai’s carrying his backpack and Mari keeps hanging back with this uneasy look on her face, as if she knows Mirai is hallucinating in denial.

Umi Monogatari – up to Episode 8

Never expected a show based off of a pachinko game to become one of my favorites.  I’m just glad that they’re making Marin change from one of the biggest Mary Sue characters into a real heroine.  Suzuki and her wily fox tactics to try to become Kojima’s girlfriend also brought the plot to a better level.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – up to Episode 9

Ugh, I’m really disappointed that this series doesn’t even try to explain how things happened with the first sequence of murders.  I hope it’s something they go back to, because there’s nothing worse than never getting an answer to a mystery.


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