Manga Update: CLAMP Edition


After six years, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is finally coming to an end.  The final chapter #232 will be published at the end of September with additional color pages. This sudden finale surprises me since there seems to be a lot of character storylines to wrap up.  Hopefully it won’t finish in a “LOL CLAMP” open-ended conclusion for FWR and the X vampires, but in the very least there should be a pretty concrete ending for Sakura, Syaoran, Fye and Kurogane.  I can’t say I’m terribly excited for the last chapter, because so much of the past couple chapters has been nothing but big swirly magic attacks, explosions and sound effects.  It seems a little cheap to hold off on FWR’s backstory since it’s the catalyst for this series AND xxxHolic.

If you would have bet me that xxxHolic would outlast TRC, I’d have never believed you.  It seemed like CLAMP was always giving xxxHolic the shaft with lengthy publication breaks and fewer anime episodes.  Now it’s slated for an extra OVA and a separate manga series titled xxxHolic: Cage is apparently in the works.


Preview pages of chapter 186 depict Doumeki, Watanuki, Maru and Moro in Yuuko’s house, and that several years have passed since the previous chapter (which surprises me given the current plot and Doumeki’s egg decision that he has to make.  Does he make the wrong one? Or perhaps he doesn’t use the egg at all?)  To be honest, I can’t tell if xxxHolic: Cage is supposed to be this timeskip version of the main series or a completely separate sequel.  I’d loooove if xxxHolic: Cage turns out to be a full-blown manga series, but I’m betting that it’ll be more like a post-series wrap up to show how the characters have moved on since the ending.  The Hana-Kimi manga’s final chapter is a good example of that kind of format.

At the same time, I have to recall CLAMP’s promise to continue the Legal Drug manga, which has several direct crossovers with the xxxHolic world.  xxxHolic: Cage and Legal Drug could end up having the same dynamic that TRC had with xxxHolic.


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  • Cello

    I really would like to start my new hobby in the reading of Manga and this one really looks to peak my interest. I’m a huge fan of the blog, keep it up!

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