Manga Update: Mirai Nikki 48

AHAHAHAHAH YES!  I love that Akise finally dropped the bomb.  Too bad Deus was like, “lol Nope, I programmed you to be hard gay for him”.  But that stirs up a question: Why would Deus make Akise favor Yukiteru?  I understand that Deus has come to like Yukiteru due to his ability to get out of the worst of situations, but Akise was created prior to that.

It’s cute how Akise’s Detective Diary is as snarky as he is as a person.  I guess his diary trumps all of the others?  It predicts the decisions that the other diaries come to, so I don’t see any way that someone can trick up his info.  Oh well, he’s on Yukiteru’s side so I guess it’s nothing to worry about.  And as much as I love Yuno’s craziness, I hope Akise fucks her up before she convinces Yukiteru to make a really bad decision.


One response to “Manga Update: Mirai Nikki 48

  • ryorin

    I’m so sad to heard that he’s death , damn ! I’m watching this anime all along because of him & in sudden .. ?!

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