A Great Way to Start the Year: 2011 CATCH-UP EDITION

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All I can say is…….lol.

Where to start?  Well I certainly didn’t intend to drop off of the blogging world for an entire year.  Blogger’s apathy is much more deadly than writer’s block.  It didn’t help that a lot of the shows in 2010 just didn’t feel worth writing about at the time.  Yet, it just took me getting a bunch of notification emails from WordPress this week to get me back to business.  Crazy how life works.

So what did I do in 2010?

1) I took in a stray cat and gained a new tubby buddy.

2) Did a summer study abroad session in Tokyo – during which I got to do the following things:

Hung out in Shibuya during the World Cup frenzy.   I bought one of those jerseys, which produced lulzy expressions by the Adidas employees cause they only make them for guys.  Not my fault they’re not thinking of the ladies.  BTW, just about the only culture shock I experienced was clothing sizes.  In the U.S. I’m a small to medium; in Japan I had to get XL sized leggings that barely fit.  And shoes for my size 10 feet were just a pipe dream.

Went to Tokyo Tower… which coincidentally had a big ass Michael Jackson exhibit on the main floor.  But everyone knows the Japanese loooove him.  There was a lot of American culture influence in general in Tokyo.  Kind of got annoying at a certain point cause you want to feel like you’re in Japan, not New York.

Went to the Imperial Palace & Gardens…

Went out to Odaiba,  visited the Fuji TV station and rode a giant Ferris Wheel that sent me into a level 7 panic mode.

Went to Ikebukuro and chilled at a cat cafe.

And went on an anime & manga binge in Ikebukuro/Otome Road.  I wanted this Selty Durarara! helmet SO BADLY but it was only for display ( ̄~ ̄). Some of my other spoils included an Evangelion Mari figurine, a Nodame Cantabile manga book cover, a Tieria card wallet and a bunch of other shit that I can’t remember.  I found an awesome and cheap cosplay shop, but I was like “lol, my luggage is already close to being overweight, this is not going to work”.

Surprisingly, I didn’t do much anime/manga-related stuff in Japan.  Seems blasphemous for this blog, right?  But to be honest, I was there to study and experience regular Japanese culture.  No matter how you look at it, anime/manga is just a niche and I didn’t want my hobby to define my trip.    Anyhow I visited Akihabara towards the beginning of my stay and only got back once again.  My only two regrets there are that I didn’t get to go to a maid cafe and that I didn’t check out AKB48 live theater (wouldn’t have guessed they’d blow up so big by late 2010).  But overall, Ikebukuro > Akihabara to me.  It’s more low-key, less crowded and better intergrated with regular restaurants/stores.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the Gundam 00 movie premiered in theaters.  Tieria on the big screen would have been an early Xmas.  ( ´ ▽ ` )

Visited the Mt. Fuji area…

And went to the Fuji-Q amusement park.  The Fujiyama roller coaster is BALLER.  I wanted to ride it multiple times but my friend got mad sick after just the first try.  I also got to see the Evangelion World and Gundam Crisis exhibits which were fun as hell.  I’ll do a separate post on those topics.

I also did a lot of the standard stuff: karaoke, fireworks viewing down in Yokohama, trying new foods (authentic takoyaki and ramen = DELISH) and visiting Harajuku, Ueno Zoo and Asakusa.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to check out Kyoto, Hokkaido, or Okinawa due to time/money constraints, but those are touristy places that I can always go back to see.


So where does this put things now?  Well I have a year left of college and I’m continuing my Japanese studies.  Looking for a part-time job cause I have way too much time on my hands (part of the reason why I’ve started posting again, lol).  I don’t know if I still have any readers out there, but if I do, thanks for sticking around!




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