What I’m Watching: Winter 2011

Here’s a list of stuff I’m watching/not watching/going to watch with reasons and opinions and junk:


Dragon Crisis! – Why do I love this opening song so much?  This is potentially my new karaoke jam.  As for the show itself, my feelings are mixed.  So far there are more questions than answers, especially since they threw in this whole Lost Precious background shit from the get-go without any explanation.  Rose is tsunDERE to the max and Ryuuji was Shinji-incarnate for the first three episodes.  But the magic/folklore battles are interesting and I like shows that mix real life stuff in.  I loled at them destroying a fucking pseudo-Tokyo Sky Tree before it’s even finished IRL.  That has to be a speed record in Godzilla-level destruction.

Beelzebub – Typical over-the-top shounen series, but I enjoy the dynamic between Oga and his motley crew of demons and his only best friend.  Not really expecting anything deep from this series as it’s pretty slapstick so far, but it’s a good show to pass the time while waiting for new episodes of other Winter 2011 anime.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – Can’t say much for the haremettes so far.  They’re there for standard T&A and each have one dominant cliched personality (mute, tsundere, TSUNdere).  But I like Aikawa’s sass and general “I don’t give a shit, I’m a zombie-su~” attitude.  Him turning into a magical girl was also pretty funny.

Level E – Funniest show of the season.  I won’t spoil the first 3-episode arc, but let’s just say aliens can be total assholes.  I was a bit wary of this series at first with the art style, but it works with the IRL referencing that the plot uses.  I really tried to like the opening song cause I like Chiaki Kuriyama as an actress but it’s just a tad too “yelling Engrish at the top of my lungs” for me.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – I initially “dropped” this show after the first episode.  I can’t say I didn’t like it cause I thought it would be a standard magical girl show, because I loved Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon.  But I thought the plot was going to be much more simpler than it turned out to be.  I thought it was going to be a villain-of-the-week fight against Homura with Madoka doing cutesy stuff like she does in the opening credits (plus LSD inspired SHAFT art).  However, shit got real and shit got DARK in episode 3.  There’s a new level of drama and depth that I didn’t expect from this series.  Of course SHAFT would be the studio to raise a case why NOT to become a magical girl.  So I guess I’m sticking around to see what Shyamalan-ish twist they’ll pull next.

IS Infinite Stratos – Mecha harem show.  Except none of the characters beside Houki actually have a chance with Orimura-kun.  Let’s be real here.  Watching it for the explosions and convenient fight moves that the IS users pull out of their ass right in the nick of time.

Fractale – Haven’t heard too much good news about this show, so I didn’t start it till yesterday.  But after marathoning the first three episodes, I was more drawn in than I expected.  I’m getting Xam’d vibes from not just the art, but the plot as well.  Same mysterious entity that governs the world, same young boy who finds the decision to learn the truth about life thrust upon himself.  Hopefully Phryne will stick around more as the series progresses, because Nessa’s exuberance gets a little old after a while.  Oh, but the OP animation is fugly as hell.  I’m guessing it’s supposed to be like a psychedelic-neuronish representation, but eh…

Hourou Musuko – Probably the only show of the season where plot is meant to outweigh animation. Not that the watercolor art isn’t pretty, but there isn’t too much “movement” going on in this slice-of-life show.  It’s interesting to see the children in this show coming to terms with their identities.  This series carries a lot of weight, especially since Japan labels trans people as having a gender identity disorder.

GOSICK – Took me a little too long to realize the title is a play on words of “gothic”.  Or at least that’s what I’m assuming.  I like mystery/crime manga, anime and books so this was a no-brainer choice.  I was impressed with the level of ass-whooping detail that they did for Kujo-kun at the end of the first arc.  Usually animators will have characters get into big fights and then walk away with some dark marks on their face as a representation of bruises, swelling and cuts.

Freezing – I’ve been reading this manga for a while so this was a definite watch.  Down and dirty shounen fight tactics with girls.  Though I don’t really like how Kazuya’s demeanor is in the anime.  Feels a lot wimpier somehow.

Onii-chan no Koto ga Zenzen yadda yadda – Fucked up pseudo-incest in a lolzy way.  Nao always finds a way to push her perverted nature to the next level.  After a couple of episodes, you sit back and look at Nao, Shuusuke and Iroha and just say “They’re all so fucked up that they’re perfect for each other”.  If Nao and Iroha weren’t so jealous, they’d be better off just being an OT3.

Star Driver – Continuing on from the fall.  Full of fabulous mecha, dominatrix outfits and enjoyable songs.  I’m glad Innocent Blue’s full version is coming out soon.

Shit I’m Not Watching

Rio ~Rainbow Gate!~ – This show tries to be Las Vegas, but it’s more like Atlantic City.  On a Tuesday.  With 2 feet of snow on the ground.  I know that it’s made from a pachinko character, but that doesn’t mean it should have been this level of fail.  Umi Monogatari had the same situation, and it was pretty interesting.

Starry Sky – lol, Why is this show so fucking bad?  Or the better question is, why did they bother if the show was going to be this bad?  The animation is lazy, the plot is so subpar that a two year old could have written it, and the music is so basic that it could have been recorded on a piano in my high school music room.  You have to live up to at least Ouran levels of male harem aesthetics if you want to be worthwhile.

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season – Absolutely nothing wrong with this series, but it’s so ラブラブ that my forever alone-self is turned off by it.  Kind of the same thing with Bakuman.

Yumekui Merry – Merry really annoys me.  So much so that I don’t give a fuck if she gets back to whatever Kirby Dream Land she’s from.

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu – Didn’t finish the first season after the bags of pee errywhere episode.

What I’m Looking Forward to

Moshidora – Production I.G. = worth checking out.  If this is good then I’ll check out the live action version coming out later this year, especially since it has Maeda Atsuko from AKB48 (aka the only member I’m half interested in) in it.

Supernatural the Anime – I watched the original live action in the U.S. and although the show has really gone to shit in the past couple of seasons, it started out strong.  Hopefully the anime will do what the L.A. should have done – stick to being as scary and creepy as possible.  Scary to think of the large amounts of Wincest fanart that are going to erupt on Pixiv if this show catches on with women.


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