Level E – Episode 4

Wow, I was actually relieved, so to speak, when Prince Baka showed up at the end of the episode.  From last episode’s preview through about 90% of this episode, I started to think that Level E was going the Aoi Bungaku route with multiple stories compiled as a series.  Or that there had been a time skip and Yukitaka had grown up and become the doctor.  In reality, it turned out to be another one of Baka’s hair-brained schemes.  Can’t say that I would have accepted his anime concept if I was a studio either.  I really enjoyed the seriousness of this episode’s plot, but when you think about it, there were a lot of plot holes.  And Baka said that the Conwellian aliens actually exist – I wonder if they’re exactly like how he portrayed them or if they’d get pissed at being made into a sob story.

The art style for this episode was pretty cool, too.  The thick lines reminded me of Toshokan Sensou and GOSICK’s opening animation.

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