Live Action Koukou Debut (High School Debut) Trailer

ANN Summary: Haruna used to play softball in middle school, as a result she’s a muscular tomboy whose never had a boyfriend. Now that she’s entered high school she’s determined to change all that by becoming feminine, get her first boyfriend and fall in love. There she meets handsome and popular Yoh, who reluctantly agrees to coach her in the ways of men and dating, under one condition: Haruna cannot fall in love with HIM.

Ehhhhhh….  As someone who read this entire manga series and knows how quirky the characters can get, I feel like the actress (Ono It0) is overdoing it.  That kind of acting worked for Nodame Cantabile’s LA only because Nodame’s practically an alien with her weird crazy behavior.  Also, Ono’s hairstyle isn’t like Haruna’s at all.  *pout*  Yoh’s actor (Mizobata Junpei) isn’t giving me any “oh wow!” feelings, but maybe he’ll grow on me in the film.  Only other thing I’ve seen with him was the HanaKimi LA and he just had a bit part in that.  But if the whole movie is a lot like the trailer, I feel like this is heading for Love Complex LA levels of disaster.


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