Fractale – Episode 4


So the big shocker/cliffhanger from last week was the arrival of Real!Nessa – a shrine maiden from Phryne’s group.  I’m either assuming that she didn’t notice Doppel!Nessa, just didn’t give a shit or is some kind of weird, emotionless person.  Kind of going with the last theory given how off-the-wall ecstatic D!Nessa always acts.  Maybe she’s such a vital creature because the Fractale priestesses found a way to transfer the soul (or part of it) into a doppel.  This would allow people to truly be free to teleport all over the world wherever they wish.

The high priestess (Phryne’s momma?) is all kinds of sketchness.  There are so many shades of gray with this show that I don’t want to outright say “SHE’S THE VILLAIN”, because so far I can’t see any red flags behind using force to try to save the Fractale System and bring back what Phryne stole.  In fact it was the Lost Millenium members who opened fire on the priestesses/crowd first, and if this priestess was so corrupt, she should have told her troops to eliminate everyone in the village instead of only setting wanted postings for Enri’s family.  I feel like in the end, this plot is just going to be a battle of ideals: living digitally vs. naturally.  Nothing “wrong” per se with either concepts but it’s gotten to the point in the Fractale world where they can’t co-exist peacefully.

(It’s interesting that this priestess has the hair color that Nessa/Phryne originally had in the manga art).

Phryne makes me want to cheer for her in one moment, then punch her in the face in the next.  I like that she’s a pretty fearless girl.  You wanna chase her?  Better have a parachute cause cliff diving is her specialty.  While this makes for great chase scenes, you have to wonder about her thought process.  Is she pulling these stunts because she knows she’s capable or because she could care less if she ends up dying?  Or is it because she’ll do anything and everything to avoid her problems (the priesthood, Clain)?  She was so dere dere to Clain in the first episode, but now it’s total bitch mode.  She’s lucky that he’s head over heels for her (though I’m glad that he’s sensible enough to get mad at her for continuously dicking him over).

Nessa’s childish behavior makes me want to shout うるさい!sometimes, but her little SD-face rant in this scene was pretty cute.

Sad face for Nessa.  It was childish of her to stay behind, but at the same time Phryne’s got some shit to sort out.  It’s obvious that Phryne hates Nessa since they can’t touch each other.  Maybe it’s because R!Nessa is Phryne’s sister and she’s mad at D!Nessa for taking her place?  lol speculation.

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