Infinite Stratos – Episode 5

They might as well call this “Infinite Saddles”.  Get it?  Cause every girl wants to give Orimura a “ride”?  /ohhoho so punny

YEAH HOUKI, YOU’RE MY GIRL!  She just blew all those other wannabes out of the water with that.  I’d call it the slam dunk of confessions, BUT she made it kind of half-assed with the condition of going out with her if she wins the competition.  Of course, Orimura loses points for not doing the obvious, you know, agreeing to go out with her right away.

R-r-r-r-reverse trap detected!  Some of the worst “I’M TOTALLY A GUY” acting by one, too.  How did “Charles” fool the administration?  I assume they’d do physicals and shit before he entered the academy.  Not to mention that he blushes like his skirt got caught in an updraft every other minute.  Whatever, I’ll go along with it till the big ~reveal~.

Maybe it helps that he has an Olivia Palermo-class chest.

Teacher comes crashing down from the sky onto Orimura.  Somehow he ends up on top of her.  Boob virginity is lost and jealousy ensues.  How is this possible?  Anime physics.

lol They keep busting England’s ass in this show.  It’s really just Cecilia’s shitty cooking skills, not the ingredients.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t eat egg sandwiches until I went to Tokyo where they were in all the コンビニ so I find it funny that this is their example of British cooking.

Totally not a stereotypical interpretation of Germans.  I’m surprised they didn’t give Laura a damn armband to finish the look.  Now the question is: how many episodes before she’s spoon-feeding Orimura?  The man is apparently the fucking genderswap reincarnation of Aphrodite.  So either she’ll fall for him or we’ll get our first lesbian in the series lusting after his sister.  Which, by the way, how is it possible that this is a 99.9% female school and we haven’t ran into ONE lesbian character?  Shenanigans.

Speaking of which, these have to be the ugliest fucking pants I’ve seen for a character in a while.  Gobble gobble, turkey thighs.

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