Freezing – Chapter 39

Aw, Satellizer’s hurr durr love expressions are adorable.

Gurl, watch your fun bags.  It’s nice to see things from her point of view every once in a while, rather than seeing everything through Kazuya’s eyes (which is a pretty limited vehicle for seeing into the personalities of the other Freezing characters).  Kazuya generally just sees the tough exterior that Satellizer puts on in front of the other Pandora girls.  But behind closed doors, she’s just another teenage girl who’s crushing hard on her guy.


Looks like we’ll see Satellizer’s sister in the next story arc.  Violet seems like she is good to Satellizer, but this series likes to twist shit around so I’ll bet she’ll be the next obstruction in Kazuya and Satellizer’s relationship to overcome.  Or Satellizer’s sexual assaulter (rapist?) will show up at the resort and mess with her head again.  Kazuya will, no doubt, go into superhero mode and beat him down when he shows up.


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