xxxHolic 213: The End

I’m grimacing as I type this.

This had to have been CLAMP’s expression when they made this ending.  I mean this is their biggest troll move since they said Legal Drug was going to be restarted “soon” (aka a couple of years ago).  Let’s start with the feeling the past few chapters have been conveying.  Nothing very climax worthy, as it seemed like Watanuki was just dealing with more of his longing to bring Yuuko back to life.  He keeps seeing a butterfly in his dreams, but he continually has trouble catching it or figuring out its purpose.  In the real world, Watanuki explains the situation to Doumeki.  Bit by bit, Watanuki figures things out and learns that the butterfly represents Yuuko.  In the end, she appears before him with a caged bird that she releases.  The bird is meant to represent Watanuki, who caged himself within the shop all these years.  Watanuki explains everything to Doumeki and seems to be at peace with her death finally.

Oh wait.  Not Doumeki, but his descendant.  His great-grandson.

Hold up CLAMP.  Did you just kill off not just Doumeki, but also all of the other major characters of that generation in-between pages?  Now I wasn’t expecting Watanuki and Doumeki to dance off into the fucking sunset, but I expected more than this half-assed “explanation” of how time has passed.  Is it that hard to draw a proper epilogue?  Maybe I should have seen this coming since we never saw Himawari once xxxHolic:Rou started, but DAMN.  Also, where the fuck are Maru, Moro and Mokona at the end?  Did they cease to exist?  Should we assume that the Tsubasa crew are dead and gone too? AND THAT FUCKING EGG.

CLAAAAAAAAAAMP!  ヽ(#`Д´)ノ ヽ(#`Д´)ノ ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

To be quite honest, I would have been happy if they had quit at the end of the main xxxHolic manga.  Yuuko dies, tells Watanuki her wish is for him to keep living, do a short little epilogue with the main characters, fade to black.  Even if CLAMP wanted to go along with the whole “Watanuki takes Yuuko’s wish too damn seriously”, they could have summed that up in fewer Rou chapters.  Looking back, Watanuki’s customers just look like useless filler now.

My biggest issue with the conclusion of xxxHolic is that it shows how CLAMP conjured up potentially amazing plots to only leave them half done.  There were multiple times when it seemed like xxxHolic would reach the level of action that happened in TRC.  We had an amazing battle with the Spider Queen, the crossovers with TRC/Fei Wang Reed, Doumeki’s upgrade in spiritual weaponry…  Then the plot changed from paranormal/horror storylines to Watanuki’s internal drama and nothing but it.  Actually, it’s the same thing that Supernatural (the original American live action) has gone through over the years, except that it hasn’t completely lost the balance yet.  There’s nothing wrong with drama, but it can’t be stagnant like Watanuki’s life.  In the process of trying to delve through Watanuki’s problems, all of the other great characters were left to rot in plot hell.  If CLAMP did all this to highlight Watanuki’s life as a tragedy, then kudos I guess.  Too bad the quality of the series went tragic as well.

Okay CLAMP, you wanna be all ambiguous.  Fine.  I’m just going to assume that Doumeki started a multi-generational bisexual legion of lovers for Watanuki.




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