Star Driver – Episode 20

lol This scene should have come with one of the disclaimers they used in earlier episodes.  For those who are unaware, sucking venom out of a wound is NOT proper procedure.  If you have a cut inside or around your mouth, guess what, you just got poisoned too!  Secondly, there’s no way that you’re going to be able to catch all the poison before it starts seeping into the bloodstream.  Rather than wasting time, she should have just called the ambulance from the get-go.  I’m guessing that we’re supposed to assume that the medic’s shot + Keito magically (or maiden magically) sucking out enough venom saved Takuto.  Or the venom stopped its course in Zero Time.  Cause really he should have been dealing with some necrosis right thurrr.

Also, Camel Star (lololol the fuck kind of tough name is that) is stupid for choosing a snake to finish Takuto off.  There has to be a bigger animal on the island that could maul him.  Hell, even a dog would have done more damage.

I’m surprised the writers passed up a brilliant opportunity for Wako to see Keito down in Takuto’s crotch and mistake it for a “happy ending”.  I guess the Kiraboshi outfits and Keito molesting Sugata in his sleep are as close to scandalous as they prefer to be.  Or they used up their trope quota for the episode.


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