Maaya Sakamoto’s Official Youtube Channel

THE VOICE ACTING QUEEN OF JAPAN HAS A YOUTUBE CHAAANNEL!  Right now it’s pretty sparse, but more videos should be uploaded as time goes by.  It’d be cool if she puts up her older vids as well.  Oh, and if you’re wondering why she’s the queen:

Since her debut in 1996, she’s had over 40 character roles including Lal’C (Diebuster), Mari (Eva 2.0), Haruhi (Ouran), and Crona (Soul Eater).

She’s done theme songs for Macross Frontier, Rahxephon, Wolf’s Rain and more.

She’s done VA work for numerous video games including .hack, Black Rock Shooter, and Final Fantasy XIII (Lightning).

She has a monthly column in Newtype and her newest album “You Can’t Catch Me” reached #1 on the Japanese Oricon charts, making her the 2nd voice actor to ever top the Japanese charts (Nana Mizuki being the first in 2009).


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