Infinite Stratos – Episode 8 & 9

So do I Char-chan, so do I.

Orimura is quite possibly the dumbest character of the season.  Maybe even the year.  I could believe little moeblobs like Potemayo live in my fridge before I could honestly believe that a guy could be so unaware of romance.  He’s so fucking clueless that Houki can’t even beat some sense into him.  I think at this point it’s not a matter of who likes Orimura the most  – it’s about who has the skill to break through that firewall of stupidity that he calls logic.  Though I’d totally be for a BAD END finale where Orimura condescendingly says, “Yeah, I knew what you girls were doing all this time.  I just didn’t give a fuck” and all the girls go yandere on him.

(Oh and I’ve been watching too much Oniichan no Koto.  First thought was, “If that was Shuusuke, he wouldn’t have let that pantyshot opportunity go to waste”.)

Another weird thing about this show: the girls are always getting embarrassed about getting caught naked or in compromising situations, but then they pull shit like this.  GIRLS DON’T WORK THAT WAY, I.S. WRITERS.  Oh and let’s play “What’s Orimura’s Logic?!” for this scene.  “Charlotte is so nice!  She’s washing my back for me with two pillowy loofahs!”

And the last (I hope) addition to the I.S. harem is Laura.  Orimura’s logic?  “Why is Laura trying to give me CPR??”

lol Houki, you deserve better.  Just graduate from the I.S. academy and find yourself a nice, intelligent man.

Moving on to episode 9, we meet Houki’s older sister who satisfies the moemoe character quota.  Though it’s surprising they made an older character moe and not one of the main girls.  But yay, Houki’s finally getting her own I.S.!

So Laura is self-betrothed to Orimura and lovingly calls him her “wife”.  And of course this means sleeping naked with him.  Orimura’s logic?  “Laura must have walked into the wrong room last night and she took off her clothes cause the heat is up so high!”

She’s going to swear off men and become a nun by the end of this series.  (And are we seriously not going to have a lesbian character?  Laura was bisexual at the most for Orimura’s sister, but that’s done and over with.  I just want one girl to come up to Orimura and be like, “Hey.  Stay the fuck away from my women.” and just walk off.)

YEAH! FIRST STEP TOWARDS YANDERE-DOM!  But seriously, there’s a better chance of Orimura marrying his I.S. suit than going out with her.  Move on, gurl.

This was a weird moment when I realized the animators directly replicated the Venus Fort shopping mall in Odaiba, Tokyo.  Where exactly is the I.S. school that they can easily get to Tokyo and back in a day?  I assume the Seaside School is down near Kyushu/Okinawa.  Also, Charlotte’s new nickname is “Char” and I hope we get a cosplay episode where she’s dressed up in the Gundam outfit.  It’s just too much to pass up.  Though I think that calling her “Charizard” would have been much cooler.

Another WAAAH I’M SO EMBARRASSED BUT THERE’S TOTALLY NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO GET NAKED moment.  Surprisingly this was one of the rare occurences when Orimura was actually aware of the sexual implications of the situation, but of course he decides reciting Pi is much better to focus on.  Congrats Charizard, you’re hot enough that he has to consciously avoid being attracted to you!  You’re in the lead!

The rest of the episode was standard beach episode fanservice:







AWKWARD INCESTUAL ATTRACTION.  No really, that was weird.  So weird that even Charizard was like, “Orimura…  Of all the girls in swimsuits, it’s your fucking sister that makes you blush…?”.  Maybe we’ve all been secretly watching the equivalent of Boku wa Imouto without knowing it.  We’re just a imouto porn stash away from finding out.

One response to “Infinite Stratos – Episode 8 & 9

  • Arakan7

    Lol, well Chifuyu didn’t help him in that any.
    What was omitted was that Chifuyu causually asked him to pick between the black bikini she ended up wearing and a white one for her. Ichikia, trying to be the dutiful little brother, picked the more conservative white one, citing that the black one was too eye-catching and that she’d be bothered by guys the entire time. So what does Chifuyu do – yep, pick the eye-catching black one because it’s obvious it caught HIS. :3
    Needless to say, Ichika was the only guy present on the entire beach as far as we saw.
    Chifuyu you devil…

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