My Trip to Evangelion World + EVA-Themed Hotel Room

This past summer I took a weekend during my study abroad in Japan to go down to the Mt. Fuji area.  On the last day, I headed over to an amusement park called Fuji-Q Highland and visited the new Evangelion World exhibit.  It was probably the biggest anime geek moment of my stay in the country, and I throughly enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures that I snapped (sorry in advance for any blurriness):

An Asuka and lazy Rei cosplayer heading into the exhibit.

There were various human-sized statues throughout the hall.

The Infamous Seele Monoliths

There were various spots where you could take pictures in front of EVA scenes.

There was also an EVA cockpit that you could sit in and get photos done by a pro photographer.

A giant map that showed the different key locations from the series, such as Rei’s apartment, NERV HQ, battle scenes, etc.

One of the coolest areas was a huge table that showed the original animation designs of the characters and EVAs.

And of course the main highlight of the exhibit was the 1/1 bust of EVA Unit 01.  I thought it was cool that they had the “LCL” pool to simulate that the rest of the EVA was hidden below.  Another pleasant surprise was that the EVA’s eyes lit up and steam came out of the mouth.  They really did a great job replicating the Unit and it’d be awesome if they could do the entire body someday like the life-size Gundam down in Shizuoka.

At the end of the exhibit was a store completely devoted to EVA products, and it was like I ascended to heaven.  I got a EVA 2.0 movie poster, two mini figures of Asuka in her 2.0 test plugsuit & Rei in casual wear, an Evangelion World towel and an AT field umbrella.  There were tons of other cool products, too – ranging from jewelry to lighters to clothing.  I think that the exhibit will stick around at least till EVA 3.0 comes out (whenever THAT is… orz), and Fuji-Q’s resort hotel recently added a Rei-themed Evangelion guest room. (1st 5 mins of video at source)

The entry plug bed looks kind of clunky, but I’m sure it’s actually comfy.  Plus it’s got a screen attached to the top that lets you watch Blu-Ray dvds.  Though I loled at the bed being a queen-size mattress.  As if most of the people using that bed will be coming with a girlfriend or boyfriend.  Let’s be real.

The talking Rei artwork on the wall is a liiiiiittle creepy.  Or the thought of someone standing there getting all hot and bothered from it is creepy (you know it’s gonna happen).

There’s also a life-size Rei statue, a wake-up call recording by Rei, and a personal blacklight that you shine on the wall to see hidden art/writing.  If they expand on this concept I hope that they do a room for Mari and Asuka or make a suite.  The room’s cool, but everything seems kind of cramped and you wouldn’t be able to comfortably share it with a group of friends.  Oh but if you do go there, make sure you’ve got the cash to do so.  A night in this room costs about $450.  For that money, I think I’d rather buy a shitload of EVA merchandise and decorate my own room.  The rest of the video shows Evangelion World, and it looks like they’ve added one or two things to the exhibit since I was there.  If you happen to get to go to Tokyo, take a day trip down to Fuji-Q Highland.  You’ll get Evangelion, roller coasters and an up-close view of Mt. Fuji.  You can’t beat that!


Eva Hotel Info Source: ANN

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