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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 5


What the hell did I just watch?

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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Episode 4


I was less sure that they wouldn’t show Mirai crapping her pants than the probability of the Tokyo Tower falling.  All I could think was, “We don’t need to make the situation THAT realistic”.  She’s really up there on the list of self-absorbed characters, isn’t she?  Time and time again she’s proclaiming that she’s not a child, yet her brother Yuuki is much more mature despite being younger than her.  She only steps up to her responsibilities when Yuuki’s in grave danger, and then reverts back to a selfish bitch the moment things clear.  Hopefully seeing Yuuki risk his life to save her will stop this stupid ying-yang behavior.

Basquash! – Episode 17


Well hello, Mr. Literally Tall, Dark and Handsome.  I was surprised that we got an explanation for the moon giants so quickly and I hope that Naviga will be able to compete in Bigfoot competitions.  How funny would it be if he spend time on the court yelling, “HEY, LISTEN”? (Hope someone gets that stretch of a joke.)  Anyhow it looks like Sela might fall in love with Navi, which is a little awkward when you factor in her “genes” obsession and his size.

Manga Update: Mirai Nikki 43


Well if there was any doubt whether or not Yuuki would keep his new bad boy demeanor, this certainly diminishes it.  He and Yuno shows up where Minene, Nishijima and the others are in order to take down the 11th.  It looks like he still keeps some of his values when it comes to human life, because he hasn’t attacked anyone who’s not involved with the Diary game yet.   Also, I dunno if it’s the art, but he practically looks like an 18 year old now.

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Conan O’Brien & Anime

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Conan and Andy from The Tonight Show decide to delve into the world of anime dubbing in America.  They go to Bang Zoom studios where they meet representatives from Manga Entertainment, and get to do some voice acting for the Ghost in the Shell movie.  The anime posters and figurines part was a little cringeworthy to watch, since it fuels the idea to the general public that all anime shows are childish and perverted.  Surprisingly, Conan could make a better voice actor than some of the current ones out there.  I wish that they had done Gurren Lagann instead of Ghost in the Shell, but the adlibbing was pretty funny.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Episode 4


So delightful I had to make a gif out of it.  It seems Umineko and Bakemonogatari are at the forefront of loli violence this season.

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Shangri-La – Episode 16


It seems this is just a series where the good guys rarely get a break.  Kuniko confronts Nagiko about being one of the co-creators of Atlas, and ultimately banishes Nagiko from Duomo.  I really don’t see the point in doing this right now.  Kuniko could have least pumped Nagiko for information about Atlas before sending her packing, and something tells me that Nagiko never meant for Atlas to be the craphole that it has become.  I’ll assume Nagiko will head to Akihabara since that’s really the only other settlement that’s still standing.  Maybe she’ll shack up with the Three Otaku Oji-sans.

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