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That’s Enough, Asura Cryin’


I know it’s lame, but when I see scenes like this I can only think, “The children…!”.  Subtle penis jokes can be funny, but this one was a pretty blatant robotic boobjob in a show that’s been otherwise softcore with only minor boob closeups or fogged up naked shots.

Spring 2009: The Good & the Okay


Somehow this season feels slumpy to me.  There are a bunch of good shows but not in a way that leaves me pining for the next episode.  It’s more like “That was enjoyable, I’ll watch more of this when I don’t have anything else to do.”  On the other hand, I’m always ready for the next Eden of the East episode.  But maybe I’m just burnt out from almost ten years of anime. Anyhow, these shows are well-done, but each have little quirks that personally distract or bother me.

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