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Immoralist – Horie Yui PV (Dragon Crisis OP Song)

PV Link (Megavideo)

Ahh, I’ve been waiting for the full version of this song to come out!  Maybe it’s because I just watched Threat Level Midnight on The Office, but the fight choreography in this music video is making me laugh pretty hard.  I think Horie’s doing her own “stunts”, so I can’t knock the action scenes too harshly.  After all, who doesn’t want to kick someone’s ass and get filmed doing it?  Though she should have done a bit better on “hitting” the bad guys – some of those guys were a good foot away from her punches and kicks, but they’re flying back like she went Jackie Chan on their asses.  Oh, and I wish her hair was long like it is for the CD cover in the music video.

Edit: Video link fixed.

Dragon Crisis! – Episode 4

Oh George, you so fine.  I’m a little disappointed that he’s not as “ruthless” as described, but I guess we have Onyx and Fang to fill that position.  He and Maruga seem destined to play out romantically in a Romeo/Juliet kind of situation.  But they probably won’t be stupid enough to kill themselves end tragically, and will probably be an additional duo added to the Ryuuji team.