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嵐 – The Manga Storm

Arashi is currently one of the biggest pop boy bands in Japan right now, and the group has been around since 1999.  Its five members are not just singers: they’ve long had a presence in TV series, films and their own variety shows.  While they’ve never had any of their songs attached to an anime series, all them have at some point been attached to anime or a Live Action version of a manga series.

This week, several mangaka banded together to produce “Arashi Meets Manga” – a feature section in the Asahi Newspaper that portrays each of the Arashi members in the art style of the series that they acted for.  Below are each portrait, along with other manga series that they have been involved with.

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Actress from Korean Hana Yori Dango Live Action Commits Suicide


I haven’t followed the Korean version of Boys Before Flowers, but I figured that it’s popular enough for someone to care about this sad news.

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