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Anime Update: Rough Draft Style


Oh man, if there’s one thing I’ll miss about living on campus it’s having reliable internet access.  Right now my housemates and I are trying to get it up and properly functioning, so I’ll make this quick before my wireless decides to cut out again.  This will also let me get in a couple words on some series that I don’t make constant posts about.

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Yes, Endless Eight is Over.


What am I supposed to do?  Congratulate Kyoto?  That’s like praising someone who got a home run after striking out; you don’t even know why they were still swinging.  We’ll see how they finish out the new episodes, but the generally worshiped glamour of Haruhi has a big fat scar on it now.  The situation mostly annoyed me, but now I can only give a laugh or two over its ridiculous, stupid nature and enjoy the extra homoerotic moments between Kyon and Itsuki that were created.  It’s amazing that Yutaka Yamamoto could be fired from Lucky Star and Takami Akai would leave Gainax over the Gurren Lagann incident, but there’s no studio fallout from one of the least creative decisions in possibly anime history.  While I’m sure plenty of hardcore fans will buy the DVDs anyhow, I can only imagine the rage of new viewers or parents who will find out they bought a disc full of the same thing.


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Haruhi’s Endless Eight Continues; Former Director Apologies For Kyoto’s BS

This is from Yutaka Yamamoto’s panel at Otakon 2009, in which he tries to sort out what the heck Kyoto Animation is doing to the second season of Haruhi.  I love how everybody went “awww” when Yamamoto apologized.  In the deep corners of my mind, I imagine that Nagaru Tanigawa made a bet with Kyoto, saying that he’ll let them do more seasons if they can make it through eight episodes of Endless Eight.  It’s really the only way I can make this mess logical.  I mean, a stunt like this would be PR gold if Haruhi was an unknown series but almost every anime fan knows about Haruhi.  And I really have to raise an eyebrow at the fans that’ll waste their money on the season 2 DVDs which will no doubt be worth less than they’ll be priced.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 – Endless Eight Arc


I’m not going to lie; I watched the first three episodes of this arc and just stopped.  I agree with others who think that Kyoto is going to drag this out for eight episodes, probably in an effort to play a witty pun on this arc’s title.  It’s a damn shame that Kyoto is wasting money and airtime on this.  Maybe they’re betting that they’ll get more viewers who’ll tune in to see just when this arc ends, but I’m sure there’s plenty more who’ll just stop and wait for someone else to check.  The novels don’t drag out this story nearly as long, and at this rate we won’t get to see the arc with Tsuruya’s house or the one where the SOS club doesn’t exist.  Yeah, you’re missing out on that for 4+ episodes of reused plot.

“Just F**king Google It…”


I see that, Gonzo.  It’s nice to know that even in the future, the anime community will still be wrapped around Haruhi.  Although I don’t really mind if it’s Churuya.  Still, it’s a little surprising that Gonzo chose a series that they have had no part in producing.

You’re Watching Too Much Anime When…


Either this guy has dropped very far in his social life or this is an impossible situation, because a man never has a girlfriend AND an anime humping pillow.  Anyhow, I’m sure with the new Haruhi episodes coming out soon, 1000s of these pillow covers will washed in preparation.

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 – Episode 1


Well this was a surprise.  The first season of Haruhi has been replaying in Japan for some time, and while there have been magazine hints at a new season, there’s been nothing blatently advertised from Kyoto Animation that new episodes that follow the Haruhi novels would start airing.  While this episode is mixed in chronologically with the season one episodes, I’m going to label it as “season 2” since I’m pretty sure the new episodes will be put on their own DVD apart from the first season.

It’s been about three years since Haruhi aired and it felt odd watching new material after so long.  For some reason Kyon’s voice took some getting used to again, but his hyperspeed inner monologues and sarcasm got me back.  Mikuru’s still kinda meh for me, Yuki’s all powerful as usual, and Itsuki didn’t have much to do this episode but things should get more interesting as new episodes air.  The plot focused on Kyon’s time travel with Mikuru three years into the past where they meet a chibi Haruhi on the eve of Tanbata, a night where wishes are said to be granted.  Kyon helps Haruhi write a message on the schoolyard and turns out to be the reason why Haruhi comes to his high school.  There’s also appearances by Adult Mikuru and Past Yuki that round things out.  The only thing that pissed me off was the ending animation, mostly because a nerve is pinched in my neck and all the flashing shit wasn’t helping my migraine.   Anyhow, the best thing to do is watch the episode for yourself and get back into the groove of the series, but watch season one first if you haven’t yet.  I also have some thoughts that revolve around the Haruhi novels, but for spoilers’ sake I’ll put them after the cut:

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