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Happy Belated Halloween + 1 Year of Expo Expo!


It’s kind of amazing to me that this blog is still truckin’ along, albeit with sparse posts lately.  I started Expo Expo on one of those bored whims where you feel like letting your thoughts out for the world to see, and expected it to go to the blogging graveyard along with my old LJ and Geocities accounts.  But I really enjoy this blog and it’s cool to see that more visitors are checking it out.  I hope to upgrade the look and subject matter of Expo Expo over time, and I hope you’ll continue to check in on posts that you find interesting!


Image by 真柴屋:

Fall 2009 Anime: Early Synopsis


Man, I never expected there to be such a jump in my workload between my second and third year of college.  I’ve still been keeping up with a bunch of the fall season shows; I’ve just been too lazy tired to blog about it.  There aren’t too many shows that have wowed me (as expected) but the ones that did are worth watching.

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